Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 08:00

Rear Adm. Loiselle ’88 Honorary Pallbearer for President Bush

Former Commander of the U.S.S. George Bush aircraft carrier Rear Adm. Andrew Loiselle served Monday as an Honorary Pallbearer at the U.S. Capitol services for the late President George H.W. Bush. Rear Adm. Loiselle attended Assumption on a ROTC Scholarship and after graduation became a fighter pilot who would later serve as a flight instructor for the Navy’s Blue Diamonds Flight Squadron. In addition to his BA, he also earned a MBA and became a nuclear engineer.

Click here to read about Rear Adm. Loiselle in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette.


Kimberly Dunbar, Director of Public Affairs, Assumption College @AssumptionNews