Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - 11:30

Prestigious Honors Program Inducts New Members

The Assumption College Honors Program inducted 60 new members from the Class of 2021 before an audience of administrators, faculty, and families.

Housed in the new, state-of-the-art Tsotsis Family Academic Center, which features student study spaces, a lounge and spaces for collaboration, Assumption’s Honors Program offers a demanding, intensive curriculum designed to foster academic engagement inside and outside the classroom. Whether students major in the liberal arts, business, or professional studies such as education or human services and rehabilitation studies, the Honors Program enables students to explore their capabilities with peers who are similarly motivated.

“Through their rigorous course of study, Honors students make significant contributions to the academic life of Assumption College,” said Director of the Honors Program and Philosophy Professor Molly Flynn.  “Students in this select and competitive program are formed as intellectuals who will become leaders in their field of study and individuals who are compassionate about using their intellectual gifts and talents to better their communities.”

Outstanding students who have demonstrated academic excellence in standardized test scores, rank in class, engagement inside and outside the classroom, and a passion for learning comprise this select program at the College.

The Honors Program reflects the mission of the College by providing a curriculum that offers a high quality liberal education, in-depth disciplinary, professional and opportunities to contribute to the community, and a basis for a meaningful personal, professional, spiritual, family, and civic life. It enables students to explore connections among their courses, and also between their courses and life. The program promotes intellectual friendship and discourse while providing a common, intensive learning experience inside and outside the classroom.

Students apply to the Honors Program when they apply to the College as a high school senior. (Those students who demonstrate academic excellence during their first semester at Assumption are also welcome to apply.) The College then reviews a number of criteria: standardized test scores; class rank; engagement inside and outside the classroom; demonstrated passion for learning; and grade point average (GPA). Students must maintain a GPA of 3.25 in Honors courses, and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25.

The following students were inducted into the Honors Program:

Shannon Arvidson

Lydia Barnaba

Maria Barrett

Jillian Bates

Samantha Bengiovanni

Sean Boyle

Nicole Bramlitt

Anthony Cicini

Joshua Corrigan

Klea Cuni

Luke DiCicco

Jennifer Doherty

Clara Dooley

Catherine Donnelly

Kerry Farrell

Alison Foley

Alexander Geragotelis

Caitryn Gibeau

Derek Girouard

Christina Goldin

Kayla Gorham

Anne Guadalupi

Grace Gustinis

Gabriella Humphries

Alison Joanis

Kalliopi Karamboulas

Evan Kessinger

William Knoll

Christina Kuss

Amelie Legg

Garrett Logan

Connor McCaffrey

Maeve McDonald

Bryana Michitson

Marissa Mitola

Aditya Nathan

Mikaela Newman

Tressa Novack

Kennedy O'Hara

Pietra Oelke

Alyssa Palladino

Emma Panacopoulos

Eleanora Peters

Meghan Plourde

Veronica Prytko

Joseph Ricca

Connor Romaine

Haley Rose

Cassandra Saniuk

Sarveen Shafiyan-Rad

Morgan Shields

Olivia St. Germain

Samantha Surowiec

William Traylor

Audrey Tokarz

Nicole Turgeon

Jasmin Veerapen

Noah Veilleux

Luke Whitehouse

Julianna Woods

Kimberly Dunbar, Director of Public Affairs, Assumption College @AssumptionNews