The Greyhound Guide to Back-to-School Shopping

Jul. 26, 2023
Assumption University student leaders help first-year students move into their new rooms on Assumption's Worcester, MA campus
Assumption University student leaders traditionally help first-year students move into their new rooms on campus during Move-In Weekend

As July wanes away and Central Massachusetts says welcome back to the month of August, the city of Worcester also prepares to welcome back over 35,000 college students who call the city home during the academic year. Among those thousands of college students who will migrate to Worcester from around the world: the Assumption University Greyhounds Class of 2027.

August is a big month for first-year students and families in particular: it’s the month that they officially embark on the exciting adventure that is college life. But before move-in weekend and all its excitement, you need to figure out what to bring with you! Effective back to school shopping is a great way to make sure you are prepared to make the most out of your first year on Salisbury Street.

Let’s dive in to some of the items current Assumption students are recommending you have with you when you drive onto campus for Move-In Weekend!

Flat Shoe Rack

“Definitely bring a flat shoe rack! Students never know where to put their shoes and will either throw their shoes in a bin, leave them in a box, or just throw them in any spot they can. This often means students just wear the same pair of shoes all the time for any event because they don't want to dive inside of their shoe bin. With a shoe rack, you can more efficiently organize the space under your bed and easily access all your shoes. The shoe rack helped me a lot because I really needed easy access to all my pairs of shoes for school, chorale concerts, internships, and other activities. Overall, it's worth it, plus it looks cute!” -Tori Richardson, Class of 2025, Communications and Media Major

Microwave Oven

“A microwave is essential because whenever you don't want to go the dining hall for whatever reason, you can make microwavable food in the comfort of your own your room. If you’re also feeling hungry at night when the dining hall is closed, you can make a quick late-night snack. Especially during your first year, when you don’t have access to a kitchen, having a microwave is essential.” -Lorenzo Valencia ’23, Graduate Student, MBA Program

First Aid and Tool Kit

“As a junior, I think it’s highly crucial to bring these 2 items! You never know when you might have to use them, but I can assure you that it’s likely you will at some point during your first year. I’ve used my first aid kit plenty of times unexpectedly -- such as one time a friend fell and scraped their knee. I also used my tool kit one time when I broke my glasses and needed a screwdriver to repair them. You may not think you need it, but it is very important. It’s always good to be over prepared than under prepared!” -Landon Gibbs, Class of 2025, Health Sciences Major

Power Strip Extension Cord

“Sure, you’ll have power outlets that can fit maybe two of your chargers (phone and laptop) in your dorm, but sometimes it gets to a point where you’re going to need more! A power strip allows you to use the ports for all your smaller capacity electronics, like your phone and laptop charger or desk lamps, so that your wall outlets can be freed up for larger items like a fridge or an fan. It’s a good household item to use for many things, plus they’re very non-expensive!” -Yaire Hernandez, Class of 2025, Political Science and History Major

A Good Fan

“A big item to check off from your list is a fan. The temperature in August can be very hot and a fan is more than necessary in my opinion. My fan broke on the first day of football camp my first year and I had to go 3 nights without one … it was just a terrible experience, a good fan is necessary.” -Gabe Bertolazzo, Class of 2025, International Business Major


While it’s crucial to bring everything you need, remember to avoid overpacking by coordinating with your future roommate(s) before move-in day. Most importantly, be sure to bring an open mind and a positive attitude; college isn’t all about academics – it’s also a time for exploration, new friendships, and personal growth.

We can’t wait to welcome the Assumption University class of 2027 to our community! First-year student check-in day will be held on Friday, August 25th at 3:00pm with more details on move-in weekend activities to be released in the coming weeks. Fall 2023 undergraduate classes begin on Monday, August 28th. For more information, please visit