Nov 20 Mon

Emmanuel d'Alzon, apostle, spiritual master, educator---"in words they can understand"

Nov. 20, 2023
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
The Salon, La Maison Française, Assumption University
Dalzon presentation

A presentation by Fr. John Franck, A.A. 
(the principal translator of the English edition of the Spiritual Writings) 
With the participation of Fr. Richard Lamoureux, A.A. 
and of Prof. David Crowley, D’Alzon chair at Assumption University 

To celebrate the anniversary of d’Alzon’s death (Nov. 21, 1880) 

In 1956, at the request of Fr. Wilfrid Dufault, superior general of the Assumptionists, Fr. Athanase Sage, steeped in the writings of the founder of the Assumptionists, Fr. Emmanuel d'Alzon, gathered in one volume a representative collection of his prolific writings. Finally, in 2023, an English edition of this volume has appeared. Fr. John’s talk will present an introduction to this translation as well as some insights into Emmanuel d'Alzon himself and his vision of education. An open discussion, facilitated by Fr. Richard and David Crowley, will further explore these themes.


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