MBA Mentoring Program

The MBA mentoring program at Assumption provides our Accelerated MBA students with the opportunity to build lasting relationships with experienced business executives.

Mentoring at Assumption

  • Through a partnership with community-minded business professionals interested in developing the next generation of leaders, Assumption is able to extend the learning of accelerated MBA students beyond the classroom.
  • MBA students accelerate their development and grow in their chosen field with the guidance and encouragement they receive from their mentors.   
  • Mentors have the opportunity to share their experience and contribute to the development of a future leader.
  • Mutual participation in the program helps to create a tradition of mentoring that strengthens and deepens leadership talent in the local business community.

Mentor Process

  • Accelerated MBA students are introduced to their mentor through a virtual introduction at the start of the fall semester. Students also have the opportunity to meet their mentors at the Mentoring Reception held in mid-September.
  • Students and mentors work together to arrange a meeting approach and schedule that fits both of their needs and schedules. 
  • Meetings can be held on or off campus in person, via phone, or video conference throughout the academic year as frequently as once a month or just once in a while.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to drive the frequency, scheduling, and agenda of meetings and conversations.

For additional information, please contact Michael Lewis.

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Mentor Responsibilities

To ensure a positive experience, we request that mentors:

  • Establish trust with students and maintain confidentiality.
  • Offer insight and guidance to help MBA students navigate their internship experiences 
  • Provide networking support and advice to help students progress and develop in their career.
  • Honor the commitment to maintain the mentoring relationship for the academic year, and regularly meeting as determined with the student.

Mentor Application

Student Responsibilities

To ensure a positive experience, we request that students:

  • Establish trust with your mentor and maintain confidentiality.
  • Take initiative concerning scheduling and maintaining contact with mentors.
  • Be open, engaged, and eager to receive feedback.
  • Respect the mentor's time and follow through on all meetings and commitments.

Student Application

Accelerated MBA Students

Who are Accelerated MBA students?

  • Recent college graduates in their early to mid-twenties
  • Intellectually curious and professionally ambitious individuals with little or no practical experience
  • Focused on launching meaningful, high-impact business careers and becoming ethical leaders

Accelerated MBA Program