Special Collections

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French Institute 
The French Institute collects library and archival materials in order to foster the study of the French in North America, from the 16th century to today. All aspects of the French presence in North America are included: historical, linguistic, political, cultural, religious, literary, etc. 


Edmond J. Mallet Collection
The Mallet Collection is a unique and fascinating collection of 18th-, 19th-, and early 20th-century works on French Canadians, Franco-Americans, and Native Americans. These materials comprised the personal library of Major Edmond Mallet (1842-1907), a Franco-American Civil War veteran from Oswego, N.Y., who served as Inspector General for Indian Affairs under President Grover Cleveland. Along with Major Mallet’s personal library, the collection includes his personal papers.  These materials include correspondence, Mallet’s manuscripts for books and articles, reports as Indian Inspector and Special Disbursing Agent, photographs from his time as Indian Inspector, research and personal notes, and memorandum as Chief of Bureau of Swamplands.


Rev. George H. Tavard, A.A.
Fr. Tavard was a prolific writer with more than 50 books and dozens of articles to his credit. His library of nearly 6000 volumes and his writings clearly reflect his interests in theology, the history of religion, and ecumenism. Specific topics of research include Protestantism, the Reformation, ecumenism, medieval philosophy, the Catholic Church, Church renewal, women in the Church, Maryology, mysticism, and more. Fr. Tavard’s books are shelved throughout the d’Alzon Library collection. 


Rev. Ernest L. Fortin, A.A.
Fr. Fortin’s library collection of almost 2,500 volumes reflects his scholarship and literary interests. It includes significant holdings by and related to Machiavelli, Dante, and St. Augustine, as well as many volumes on contemporary political and religious thought. The books are shelved throughout the d’Alzon Library collection.


Union Saint-Jean-Baptiste Archives
The archives of the Union Saint-Jean-Baptiste (USJB) is an eclectic collection of materials relating to Franco-American life in New England, as well as other states in the country.  The archives contains the history of the founding of the USJB and documents many cultural events and gatherings sponsored by the USJB for nearly 100 years.  Of special interest are the materials relating to the Sentinelle Affair in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.  Types of materials include print and microfilm newspapers, scrapbooks, photographs, society medals and family histories.