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Colvert, Gavin

Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • "Good-in-Itself." New Catholic Encyclopedia Supplement 2012-2013: Ethics and Philosophy. Ed. Robert L. Fastiggi. Vol. 2. Detroit: Gale, 2013. 633. Web.
  • "Knowledge, Theories of." New Catholic Encyclopedia Supplement 2012-2013: Ethics and Philosophy. Ed. Robert L. Fastiggi. Vol. 2. Detroit: Gale, 2013. 849-861. Web. With Frank Ellis, F., Synan, E. , and Mulligan, R.
  • Rev. of Christians as Political Animals: Taking the Measure of Modernity and Modern Democracy by Marc. D Guerra. Perspectives on Political Science 41.1 (January 2012): 49-51. Print.
  • The Renewal of Civilization: Essays in Honor of Jacques Maritain. Washington, D.C.: American Maritain Association, 2010. Print. (Editor)
  • "Aquinas and the Limits of Political Authority: Natural Lawyer or Virtue Politician?." The Human Person and a Culture of Freedom. Eds. Peter A. Pagan Aguiar and Terese Auer. Washington, D.C.: American Maritain Association, c2009.
  • "Aquinas' Summa Theologiae." An Assumption Library: Essays Presented in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Emmanuel d'Alzon Library. Worcester, Mass.: Assumption College Library, c2008. 20-22.
  • "Back to Nature: Aquinas and Ethical Naturalism," Lyceum, vol. 8(2), Spring 2007.
  • "Response to J. F. Pradeau: The Law According to Plato," Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy, v. XXI, 2005.
  • "Having Our Cake and Eating It, Metaphysically Speaking; Analogy as the Key to the Unity of Metaphysic as a Science of Being qua Being: A Response to Oliva Blanchette," The Saint Anselm Journal, Spring 2005.
  • “Liberty and Responsibility: John Paul II, Ethics and the Law,” IN Tollefsen, C., ed., John Paul II's Contribution to Catholic Bioethics, (Kluwer Press, 2004)
  • “Maritain and the Idea of a Catholic University,” IN Trapani, John G., ed., Truth Matters: Essays in Honor of Jacques Maritain. (American Maritain Association, 2004)

Corrigan, J. Patrick

Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • "Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics." An Assumption Library: Essays Presented in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Emmanuel d'Alzon Library. Worcester, Mass.: Assumption College Library, c2008. 17-19.
  • "Where Do We Go From Here?: Some Thoughts on Purgatory" (three-part series) Le Provocateur, Oct. 28 - Nov. 11, 1993.

Flynn, Molly B.

Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • "Don't Be True to Yourself." Library of Law and Liberty. October 27, 2017. Online.
  • "Wonder Woman: A Movie About Men." Library of Law and Liberty. June 16, 2017. Online. 
  • "Disney's Cheap Grace." Library of Law and Liberty. March 31, 2017. Online. 
  • "A Musth See." Library of Law and Liberty. February 24, 2017. Online.
  • "Socratism as a Vocation." Society 54.1 (Feb. 2017): 64-68.
  • "So-So City." Library of Law and Liberty. January 13, 2017. Online. 
  • "Confusions and Disagreements about the Rotten in Politics." Corruption and Government Legitimacy: A Twenty-First Century Perspective, edited by Jonathan Mendilow and Ilan Peleg, Lexington Books, 2016: 287-307. With Robert G. Boatright.
  • "Institutional Goals Clarified through Qualitative Narrative Assessment." Qualitative Narrative Assessment: Core Text Programs in Review.  Edited by M. Kathleen Burk and David DiMattio. Association for Core Texts and Courses, 2016. 74-79. With Geoffrey Vaughan.
  • "Manchester By the Sea: Dark, Beautiful, and Real." Library of Law and Liberty. December 30, 2016. Online.
  • "Love Story." Library of Law and Liberty. November 11, 2016. Online.
  • "Moderately Marginalized." Library of Law and Liberty. October 21, 2016. Online.
  • "The Decline of the Western." Library of Law and Liberty. October 7, 2016. Online.
  • "The Poverty of 'Corruption': On Reframing the Debate on Money in Politics." Albany Government Law Review 9.2 (2016): 341-383. With Robert G. Boatright.
  • "Our Big Picture Problem." Library of Law and Liberty. September 2, 2016. Online.
  • "Economics as a Force of Nature in Aristotle's Politics: An Antireductionist View." In Engaging Worlds: Core Texts and Cultural Contexts. Eds. Robert D. Anderson, Molly Brigid Flynn, and J. Scott Lee. Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 2016. 129-134. Print.
  • "Liberal Education: Transmitting Knowledge Through Texts." In Memory, Invention, and Delivery: Transmitting and Transforming Knowledge and Culture in Liberal Arts Education for the Future. Eds. Richard Dagger, Christopher Metress, and J. Scott Lee. Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 2016. 49-54. Print.
  • "Grammar Bender." Library of Law and Liberty. July 18, 2016. Online.
  • "Chasing Monsters." Library of Law and Liberty. February 9, 2016. Online.
  • "Relativists Get Their Favorite Movie Wrong." Library of Law and Liberty. December 28, 2015. Online.
  • "Epoché." New Catholic Encyclopedia Supplement 2012-2013: Ethics and Philosophy. Ed. Robert L. Fastiggi. Vol. 2. Detroit: Gale, 2013. 487-488. Web.
  • "Social Constructionism." New Catholic Encyclopedia Supplement 2012-2013: Ethics and Philosophy. Ed. Robert L. Fastiggi. Vol. 4. Detroit: Gale, 2013. 1425-1427. Web.
  • “Edmund Husserl: Transcending Ideology.” Teaching in an Age of Ideology, edited by John Von Heyking and Lee Trepanier. (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2012. 3-25. Print.
  • “The Cultural Community: An Husserlian Approach and Reproach.” Husserl Studies 28.1 (Spring 2012): 25-47. Print.
  • “A Realer Institutional Reality: Deepening Searle's (De)Ontology of Civilization.” International Journal of Philosophical Studies 20.1 (Spring 2012): 43-67. Print.
  • “Self-Responsibility, Tradition, and the Apparent Good.” Studia Phaenomenologica. XI (2011): 55-76. Print.
  • “Andreas Kinneging, The Geography of Good and Evil: Philosophical Investigations.” Rev. of The Geography of Good and Evil: Philosophical Investigations, by A. A. M. Kinneging. Society 48.2 (March/April 2011): 186-188. Print.
  • "Aristotle (versus Kant) on Autonomy and Moral Maturity." Who Are We? Old, New, and Timeless Answers from Core Texts. Eds: Robert D. Anderson, Molly Brigid Flynn, J. Scott Lee. University Press of America, 2011. 109-114. Print.
  • “Pessimism is Hope.” Rev. of  The Uses of Pessimism and the Danger of False Hope, by Roger Scruton. The Intercollegiate Review: A Journal of Scholarship and Opinion 46. 1 (Spring 2011): 51-54. Print.
  • “The Agent of Truth: Reflections on Robert Sokolowski's Phenomenology of the Human Person.” The New Yearbook for Phenomenology and Phenomenological Philosophy X (2010: 319-36. Print.
  • Rev. of Making the Social World: The Structure of Human Civilization, by John R. Searle. The Review of Metaphysics 63.4 (2010): 945-947. Print.
  • "The Living Body as the Origin of Culture: What the Shift in Husserl's Notion of 'Expression' Tells us About Cultural Objects." Husserl Studies 25 (2009): 57-79. Print.

Gallagher, Paul J.

Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • "The Grounding of Forgiveness: Martha Nussbaum on Compassion and Mercy." American Journal of Economics and Sociology 68.1 (January 2009): 231-252.
  • "Nietzsche's Birth of Tragedy." An Assumption Library: Essays Presented in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Emmanuel d'Alzon Library. Worcester, Mass.: Assumption College Library, c2008. 49-51.
  • "The Grounding of Forgiveness: Martha Nussbaum on the Question of Compassion and Mercy," IN Proceedings of the International Society for Universal Dialogue, 7th World Congress, Hiroshima, Japan, June 2007.

Göbel, Christian

Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • "Kein 'Bullshit-Job': Was Macht, Wer Macht, Was Wirklich Zählt?" Behörden Spiegel 173 (Jan. 2017). Online. 
  • Glücksgarant Bundeswehr? Ethische Schlaglichter auf einige neuere Studien des ZMSBw im Kontext von Sinn und Glück des Soldatenberufs, Innerer Führung und Einsatz-Ethos. Berlin: Miles-Verlag, 2016. Print.
  • Fischer, Norbert. "Kant as Pastor." Trans. Christian Göbel and Frederick Van Fleteren. In Reading Kant's Lectures. Ed. Robert R. Clewis. Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter, 2015. 392-408. Print.
  • Philosophie Und Ökumene: Überlegungen Zur Logik Des Christentums Im Ausgang Von Anselm Von Canterbury. Munich: Utz, 2015. Print.
  • Messinese, Leonardo. Heideggers Kritik Der Abendlaendischen Logik Und Metaphysik. Trans. Christian Gobel. Ed. Christian Gobel. Vol. 88. Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 2015. Print. Philosophische Schriften.
  • "De- and Rehumanizing the Other." Journal for the Study of Peace and Conflict 9 (2014): 100-23. Print.
  • "Bildungs-Gang. Bildung in F.C. Delius' Erzählung ‘Bildnis Der Mutter Als Junge Frau’" Ta Katoptrizomena 17.93 (2015): n. pag. Feb. 2015. Web.
  • "Ritterlichkeit Bei Kierkegaard." Wissenschaft Und Weisheit 76.2 (2013): 253-75. Print.
  • "Reconstructing Anselm's God: The Metaphysical Logic of Christianity." Aquinas 55.1/2 (2012): 45-65. Print.
  • “Ontologisch oder kosmologisch? Anselms 'unum argumentum' und seine trinitaetstheologische Relevanz.” Theologie und Glaube 103. 1 (2013): 83-103. Print.
  • “Der Wuerde wuerdig werden? Philosophie als Lebensform.” Renovatio. 67.3/4 (Nov. 2011): 29-39. Print.
  • “Chapter 2 - D'Alzon Philosopher?” Teaching after D'Alzon. Essays on Education Today. New London: Twenty-Third Publications- Bayard, 2011. 28-44. Print.
  • “Ritterlichkeit als Caritas und Bildungsideal.” Lebendiges Zeugnis 66.2 (spring 2011): 126-140. Print.
  • "Ancient Philosophy as a Model for Intercultural Ecumenism." Salesian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 2010.2 (Dec 2010): 9-39. Print.
  •  “Aristippus and the Ethical Relevance of Megarian Thought." Salesian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 2010.2 (Dec 2010): 40-54. Print.
  • “Geist und Welt - Bildung und Philosophie Zum 200. Geburtstag des Ordensgruenders Emmanuel D'Alzon.” Ordenskorrespondenz Zeitschrift fuer Fragen des Ordenslebens 51.4 (2010): 389-403. Print.
  • "Fides und Ration bei Anselm (1033-1109) und Augustinus." Augustinus: Spuren und Spiegelungen seines Denkens. Ed. Norbert Fischer. Hamburg: Meiner Press, 2009. 37-69.
  • "'Werde, was Du bist'. Sein-Sollen und Sollen-Sein des Menschen: Praktisch-interkulturelle Überlegungen zu Moral und Bildung." Sein und Sollen des Menschen. Eds. C. Böttigheimer, N. Fischer, and M. Gerwing. Münster: Aschendorff, 2008. 109-129.
  • Antike und Gegenwart. Griechische Anmerkungen zu ethischen Fragen unserer Tage. Hildesheim; New York; Zürich : Olms, 2007 (“Philosophische Texte und Studien”, vol. 91), pp. 595.
  • (Editor, translator) L. Messinese: Die Gottesfrage in der Philosophie der Neuzeit. Berlin : Duncker & Humblot, 2007 ("Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen und Reden zur Philosophie, Politik und Geistesgeschichte", vol. 45), pp. 81.
  • Staatsbürger und Uniform. Ethik in der Bundeswehr. In: Die Neue Ordnung 61 (2007), 358-373.
  • Jugendalkoholismus – Rebellion oder falsche Bildung? "Amerikanische" Überlegungen zur Debatte um das Alkohol-Mindestalter. In: Katholische Bildung 108 (2007), 251-263.
  • "'Megarisches' in Aristoteles' Poetik." In: C. Göbel; L. Messinese (edd.): Verità e Responsabilità. Rome 2006, 327-340.
  • (Editor, with L. Messinese) Verità e Responsabilità. Scritti in onore di A. Molinaro. Rome : Studia Anselmiana (vol. 142), 2006, pp. 719.
  • Heidegger und die Philosophie der Neuzeit. In: Heidegger-Studies 21 (2005), 181-189.
  • Kants Gift. Wie die Kritik der reinen Vernunft auf den "Index librorum prohibitorum" kam. In: N. Fischer (ed.): Kant und der Katholizismus. Stationen einer wechselhaften Geschichte. Freiburg : Herder, 2005 ("Forschungen zur europäischen Geistesgeschichte"), 91-137.
  • Das kantische Gift. In: K.W. Littger (ed.): Kant und der Katholizismus. (Katalog zur Ausstellung). Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, 2005, 85-86 and 93-115.
  • Anthropologie der Todesstrafe. Anthropologisch-ethische Erwägungen zu Todes-Strafe und Un-Menschlichkeit. In: Ethica 12 (2004), 7-53.
  • Vom Neid. In: Antonianum 78 (2003), 75-88.
  • Wahrheit und Methode. Platonische Dialektik und Evagrische Seelenführung. In: Teresianum 54 (2003), 231-260.
  • Griechische Selbsterkenntnis. Platon, Parmenides, Stoa und Aristipp. Stuttgart : Kohlhammer, 2002 ("Ursprünge des Philosophierens", vol. 3), pp. 324.
  • Gegen die ökologische Differenz – Philosophische Anfrage an das ökologische Denken. In: Die Neue Ordnung 56 (2002), 404-409.
  • Megarisches Denken und seine ethische Relevanz. In: Classica et Mediaevalia 53 (2002), 123-140.
  • Trauerarbeit bei Platon. Zum Menexenos. In: Aquinas 45 (2002), 221-255.
  • Nietzsche e la storia della filosofia. Alcune considerazioni. In: Per la Filosofia 19 (2002), 47-61.
  • Gewalt-Wenden. Zwei Zeitzeichen: die "Wende" (1989) und der 11. September. In: Hirschberg 55 (2002), 138-144.
  • Wo ist der Journalist in Platons Höhle? In: Katholische Bildung 103 (2002), 255-263.
  • Mysticism and Knowledge in Parmenides. In: Downside Review 120(2002), 157-174.
  • Philosophie des Mönchseins. Am Beispiel des Ad Monachos des Evagrius Ponticus und seines Bezuges zum 'asketischen' Charakter der antiken Ethik. In: Wissenschaft und Weisheit 65 (2002), 3-23.
  • Gnothi seauton - Studien zur griechischen Selbsterkenntnis. Rome (Excerptum ex Dissertatione) 2001, pp. 89.
  • Gibt es Homosexualität? Zur katholischen Position in der Debatte um gleichgeschlechtliche Partnerschaften. In: Ethica 9 (2001), 391-404.
  • Nietzsches Übermensch - Fluchtübung des ängstlichen Adlers? In: Antonianum 76 (2001), 495-519.
  • Über das Absolut-Böse. In: Erbe und Auftrag 77 (2001), 470-477.
  • Panoptismus und Mystik. In: Erbe und Auftrag 77 (2001), 170-173.
  • Übermensch im Weinberg des Herrn. Betrachtungen zu Mt 20,1-16. In: Protokolle zur Bibel 10 (2001), 33-40.
  • Der Blick auf das Ewige. Philosophische Grunderfahrung bei Schelling und Parmenides. In: Forum Philosophicum 6 (2001), 117-144.
  • Über die Frömmigkeit, den Vater zu verlassen. Mt 19,29 und Platons Euthyphron. In: Erbe und Auftrag 76 (2000), 365-376.
  • Selbsterkenntnis und Ethik. Zur Philosophie des Aristipp von Kyrene. In: Existentia 10 (2000), 185-212.
  • Von geistlicher Vaterschaft und philosophischer Schülerschaft. Zum Vergleich zwischen Evagrius Ponticus und Marc Aurel. In: Erbe und Auftrag 75 (1999), 263-281.

Maher, Daniel P.

Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • "Roger Scruton's On Human Nature and the Starting Point of Science." Society vol. 54 no. 6 (Dec. 2017): 574-578.
  • "Human Action in Philosophy and Poetry." Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture 20.2 (Spring 2017): 84-104.
  • "Simon Stevin's Vita Politica: Pre-provisional Morality?" Interpretation 43.2 (Winter 2017): 215 - 232. Online. http://www.interpretationjournal.com/backissues/Vol_43_2.pdf.
  • "'The World in Its Human Involvement': Francis Slade and the Appropriation of Classical Philosophy." Perspectives on Political Science 45.1 (2016): 1-3. Print.
  • Rev. of The Anticipatory Corpse: Medicine, Power, and the Care of the Dying by Jeffrey P. Bishop. Perspectives on Political Science 44.4 (2015): 261-265. Print.
  • "Friendship and Teaching Philosophy in Nicomachean Ethics IX.1." Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association 87 (2013): 271-83. Print.
  • "Aristotle on Mathematical and Eidetic Number." Hermathena 190 (2011): 29-51. Print.
  • Rev. of Should We Live Forever? The Ethical Ambiguities of Aging, by Gilbert Meilaender. Society Jan. 2014: 100-02. Print.
  • "Notes on 'The Virtue of Science and the Science of Virtue'." The Science of Modern Virtue: On Descartes, Darwin, and Locke. Ed. Peter Augustine Lawler and Marc D. Guerra. DeKalb, IL: Northern Illinois University Press, 2013. 46-56. Print.
  • Rev. of Informed Consent, Proxy Consent, and Catholic Bioethics: For the Good of the Subject, by Grzegorz Mazur. National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly 13.2 (Summer 2013): 374-77. Print.
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  • “A Better Book on Biotech.” Society 48.1 (2011): 78-83. Print
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  • "Vaccines, Abortion, and Moral Coherence." National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly 2:1 (2002): 51-67.
  • "Parental Love and Prenatal Diagnosis." National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly 1:4 (fall 2001): 519-26.
  • "Methotrexate, Character, and Ectopic Pregnancy." Linacre Quarterly 68:3 (August 2001): 224-40.
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  • "Sex and Catholic Health Care." Ethics & Medics 22:8 (1997): 1-2.
  • "The Moral Triangle." Ethics & Medics 22:5 (1997): 1-2.
  • "Tommy and Jerry." Ethics & Medics 22:3 (1997): 3-4.
  • "Physician-Assisted Suicide." Ethics & Medics 21:12 (1996): 3-4.
  • "Restraints and Uncooperative Patients." Ethics & Medics 21:11 (1996): 3-4.

Ranasinghe, Nalin

Professor of Philosophy
  • "The Form of Politics: Aristotle and Plato on Friendship by John Von Heyking." International Political Anthropology vol. 10 no.1 (2017): 39-55. Online. http://international.politicalanthropology.org/.
  • "Socrates' Apology and Plato's Poetry: A Speculative Exegesis." Expositions 11.1 (2017): 138-156. Online. https://expositions.journals.villanova.edu/issue/view/153.
  • "Ass, You Like It? The Political Philosophy of A Midsummer Night's Dream." St. John's Review 57.2 (Spring 2016): 79-106. Online. 
  • Rev. of Hannah Arendt: Radical Conservative, by Irving Louis Horowitz. Society 51.4 (2014): 438-40. Print.
  • “Trojan Horse or Troilus's Whore? Pandering Statecraft and Political Stagecraft in 'Troilus and Cressida.’” Shakespeare and the Body Politic, edited by Bernard J. Dobski and Dustin Gish. (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2013) 139-150. Print.
  • “Stanley Rosen: The Nemesis of Nihilism.” Teaching in an Age of Ideology, edited by John Von Heyking and Lee Trepanier. (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2012) 205-215. Print.
  • Socrates and the Gods. South Bend, Indiana:  St. Augustine's Press, 2012. Print.
  •  “The Soul That Will Not Wither Away .“ Rev. of "Modern and American Dignity: Who We Are As Persons and What That Means for Our Future," by Peter Lawler. Perspectives on Political Science 41.4 (September 2012): 237-240. Print.
  • “Commentary on Long.” Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy, 2011, Volume XXVII. Eds. Gary M. Gurtler, S.J. & William Wians. Brill, 2012. 175-180. Print.
  • “Desacralizing Violence: Socrates, Jesus and the Idea of Western Civilization.” The Acorn. 14.2 (Fall/Winter 2011-2012): 53-58. Print.
  • Rev. of An Image of the Soul in Speech: Plato and the Problem of Socrates by David N. McNeill. Perspectives on Political Science 41.1 (2012): 54-56. Print.
  • “Nature, Nurture and Nietzsche's Faith in Life.” From Faith in Reason to Reason in Faith. Eds. Wayne Cristaudo & Heung-Wah Wong. University Press of America, 2012. 93-110. Print.
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  • “Ransoming Homer: Socrates' Apology and the Recovery of Reality.” Philotheos 11 (2011): 14-21. Print.
  • “On the Task of the Smuggler: Meditations on Walter Benjamin, Jacques Derrida, and the Theology of History.” Philotheos International Journal for Philosophy and Theology 10 (2010): 295-303.
  • Socrates in the Underworld. Sound Bend, Ind: St. Augustine's Press, 2009.
  • Editor: Logos and Eros: Essays Honoring Stanley Rosen. South Bend, Ind. : St.Augustine’s Press, 2006.
  • “Inspiration, Interpretation and Interdependence: Gods and Men in the Euthyphro,” Skepsis, XVI/i-ii 2005.

Stoner, Samuel

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
  • "Kant on the Power and Limits of Pathos: Toward a "Critique of Poetic Rhetoric." Philosophy and Rhetoric 50.1 (2017): 73-95. 
  • Rev. of Immanuel Kant: The Very Idea of a Critique of Pure Reason by J. Colin McQuillan. Philosophy in Review 37.1 (2017): 22-24. Online. https://journals.uvic.ca/index.php/pir/article/view/16297/7067.
  • “On the Primacy of the Spectator in Kant’s Account of Genius.” Review of Metaphysics 70.1 (Sept. 2016): 87-116.
  • “Descartes and the Great Books: Homelessness as Excellence.” In The Quest for Excellence: Selected Papers from the Seventeenth Annual Conference of the Association of Core Texts and Courses. Eds. Dustin Gish, Christopher Constas, and J. Scott Lee. (University Press of America, 2016): 59-64. 
  • Rev. of The Possibility of Culture: Pleasure and Moral Development in Kant’s Aesthetics by Bradley Murray. Kantian Review 21.2 (2016): 340-342.
  • Rev. of Kant and the Promise of Rhetoric by Scott R. Stroud. Kantian Review 20.3 (2015): 497-501.
  • Rev. of Kant’s Conception of Pedagogy: Toward Education for Freedom by G. Felicitas Munzel. Review of Metaphysics 67.3 (2014): 654-6.
  • “Critical Philosophy as Artistic Endeavor: On the Form of Kant’s ‘Critique of Aesthetic Judgment’ and its Implications.” Southwest Philosophy Review 26.1 (2010): 181-187. 

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