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You are not alone. No one deserves to be a victim of sexual violence. The first step towards healing can be reaching out for help. This page will provide you with information regarding services and resources for survivors, their friends and families.


The first few days after an assault can be a confusing time. If you, or someone you know, has been sexually assaulted within the last five days, you can take some immediate steps. The sooner you get to the hospital after an assault, the greater your options will be.

Within 5 days or 120 hours of an assault:

It is vital to take steps early as preventative treatments for sexually transmitted infections are more effective when started early and evidence collection is also an option during this period. You do not need to report to the police to have evidence collected but, if you do have evidence collected, you may have more options in the future. Toxicology testing is available within the first 96 hours after an assault if there are signs that drugs or alcohol may have facilitated the assault.

Anytime after 5 days or 120 hours of an assault:

It is best to visit student health services or your own healthcare provider or for care. If eligible, you have the right to apply for Victim Compensation for certain expenses, such as medical and counseling services, incurred as a direct result of the assault.


Student Health Services

Health Services is able to provide confidential services to students who are victims/survivors of sexual assault, including testing for sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, providing written prescriptions, referrals and other resources.

(508) 767-7329
Hours: M-F 9:00am-5:00pm


What To Expect

After a sexual assault, you may choose to go to a hospital emergency room for medical care and/or a rape exam or "rape kit". Going to the emergency room does not mean the police will be called. This is your decision and no one else’s.

At the hospital, you may be offered the following options:

  • Immediate attention for medical issues that result from the assault.
  • Testing and possible preventative treatments.
  • A rape exam for the collection of evidence. You don't have to decide right away what to do with the evidence collected. Some hospitals participate in the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, or SANE Program.At a SANE hospital, the rape exam is done by a nurse with specialized training in the medical and forensic/legal needs of sexual assault survivors.
  • Reporting the assault to the police. You are entitled to a rape exam whether you choose to report to the police or not.

SANE hospitals in the Worcester area are:

Harrington Memorial
100 South St, Southbridge, MA 01550
(508) 765-9771

UMass Memorial - Memorial Campus
55 Lake Avenue North, Worcester, MA 01655
(508) 334-1000

UMass Memorial - University Campus
33 Kendall St, Worcester MA 01605
(508) 334-8765

St. Vincent Hospital
123 Summer St, Worcester, MA 01608
(508) 363-5000

I don't have a car, I can't get to the hospital.

Health Services can pay for a ride to Worcester Hospitals at no charge to students during Health Services hours.

Yellow Cab Services
(508) 754-3211

Red Cab
(508) 556-7327

U Car Share
U Car Share allows students to rent vehicles on campus. (Students must make an account on Ucarshare.com). Learn more here.



Marie Vazquez the Campus Advocate, and Others


Who is the Campus Advocate?

Marie Vazquez is a trained Rape Crisis Advocate with a focus on Sexual Violence Prevention and Response on College Campuses. She is employed by Pathways for Change, Inc. and works exclusively with Assumption College to support student survivors. Her services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

What can the Campus Advocate do?

  • The Campus Advocate provides Assumption College students who are victims/survivors of sexual assault with emotional support and advocacy services.
  • The Campus Advocate may accompany survivors to locations and services that may include: Hospital, Counseling, Campus Police, Dean of Students & Title IX Coordinator, etc.
  • The Campus Advocate may provide support and access to resources specifically for issues surrounding sexual violence. Ongoing, confidential emotional support by licensed counselors can be obtained at the Student Development and Counseling Center at no cost to Assumption students. Counseling services can be reached at 508-767-7409.

Why is there a Campus Advocate?

Sexualized Violence on College Campuses is a nationwide problem that can have a very large impact on a small community. Assumption College is committed to addressing incidents of sexual assault and has partnered with Pathways for Change, Inc. to provide support for survivors.

For information, support, or advocacy services call:

Student Development and Counseling Center

The Student Development and Counseling Center is staffed by highly skilled, licensed professionals, many of whom have specific expertise and training in trauma, PTSD, sexual abuse and sexual assault. The counselors are committed to providing sensitive care and have prioritized training for staff on sexual assault treatment and response as well as responding to cultural, ethnic, racial and gender differences in students seeking care, They also have expertise in mental health concerns affecting a college population. All treatment at counseling services is confidential and counselors will not contact parents or guardians, Campus Police or College administrators without your permission. There is no fee or charge for care at counseling services.

Counseling services hours, and additional information can be found here.
(If this is an emergency or if assistance is needed outside of normal hours you should contact Campus Police at 508-767-7777.)

If you want to disclose a sexual assault to a counselor at counseling services please know:


  • Your safety will be the first priority.
  • The visit is free and is confidential.
  • Counselors can help you access additional medical care at the Student Health Services, as well as make a referral to our consulting psychiatrist should you wish to consider medication in the aftermath of a trauma. You will not be charged for these visits.
  • Counselors at counseling services can help link you to other services within the College if you are considering requesting a housing change, academic accommodations or a no-contact order.
  • If you are considering reporting your assault but need more information about the process, you can work with your counselor on this issue without compromising your privacy.
  • If you would prefer an off campus referral, counseling services can connect you with the mental health resources in the surrounding community.
  • Counseling services has an on-call service after hours during the academic year. You can reach the counselor on call by calling the Campus Police at 508-767-7225, and asking for the Counselor on Call to be paged. You do not have to provide your last name or reason for calling if you prefer not to.
  • Counseling services is aware that anyone can be a victim of sexual assault and welcomes students of all genders and sexual identities to seek care when needed. Counseling services can provide referral to self-identified LGBTQ therapists in the community if a student prefers this option.
  • Both the complainant and respondent can receive services at counseling services.

Pathways for Change

Pathways for Change medical advocates are specially trained rape crisis counselors who understand the hospital emergency room experience and work collaboratively with the hospital staff and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE). Learn more about Pathways here.

YWCA - Daybreak

Daybreak is a program within the YWCA that provide services to survivors of domestic violence. All services are confidential and free of charge.
Learn more about the services available to you here through the YMCA Website

1 Salem Square, Worcester MA 01608
(508) 767-2505

24/7 Hotline: (508) 755-9030



Victim Compensation

Victim Compensation is a state program that reimburses eligible victims of crime for crime-related expenses, including medical expenses. To be eligible for Victim Compensation, the crime must be reported to the police. Additional information about victim compensation in Massachusetts, including rights and eligibility, can be found at this link.

Community Legal Aid & Victim Rights Center

Community Legal Aid

Community Legal Aid provides free legal assistance to low-income residents in central Massachusetts.

405 Main Street Worcester, MA 01608
Phone: (508)-252-5342

Victim Rights Center

The VRLC provides direct legal services for those who have experienced a sexual assault. They work with all populations including women, men, LGBTQ, immigrants, people with disabilities and other groups.

To speak with an attorney for legal assistance in Massachusetts, please contact:
115 Broad Street, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02110
Phone: (617) 399-6720 x19 Fax: (617) 399-6722

District Attorney

The Sexual Assault Unit of the Worcester DA's office can help victims of sexual assault navigate the legal system and prosecute offenders. If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual assault, call the number below. The DA also has resources available here.
225 Main St # G301, Worcester, MA 01608
Phone:(508) 755-8601

Campus Police

Campus Police notifies and provides the Title IX Coordinator comprehensive investigative reports resulting from investigations of Sexual Assault.

Campus Police responds to and investigates reported incidents involving criminal acts and College policy violations. Anyone who has been sexually assaulted is encouraged to report the incident to Campus Police, who have been trained to respond appropriately and with sensitivity to such incidents, and can assist in gaining the cooperation of other police agencies if the incident occurred off campus.

If a sexual assault is reported to the Campus Police, and if the victim/survivor wishes, Campus Police will investigate the incident. A trained and certified sexual assault investigator can meet with the victim/survivor and assist them in reporting the incident and in accessing additional resources.

Reporting a sexual assault does not automatically lead to criminal charges being filed or a criminal prosecution. However, when a student immediately reports an incident, police are better able to collect evidence that is critical to building a criminal case, even if the student decides to wait until a later date to file criminal charges.

Campus Police can also:

  • Provide for the student’s safety and assist in getting medical attention if needed.
  • Assist with obtaining protective orders.
  • Help victims/survivors access counseling services.
  • Coordinate alternative housing if requested.

Learn more from their website here.

Worcester Police

Non-emergency phone number: (508) 799-8600
For emergencies dial, 911
Visit their website.

Student Handbook / Campus Sexual Misconduct Policy

Click here to read the Assumption College Student Handbook or Sexual Misconduct Policy