Class of '70 - 50th Reunion

There are several activities being planned for what should be a great weekend at Assumption for the Class of 1970.


Take the Leap

Dear Classmates,

In the fifty years which have passed since graduation, life has offered us more than a few lessons, one of which for me is the futility of writing these letters.  All of us already know that many in our class are excited about our 50th reunion and have already set the date aside, others have never attended a reunion and are unlikely to start now, and some few are open to persuasion.  This letter is for the few of you.

Those of us who have attended our reunions know something you don’t… they’re a lot of fun sharing those memories somehow have a way of melting away the years.

Assumption’s alumni organization has always provided a range of activities to keep us as busy and involved as we choose, and if you haven’t visited the campus in a while… let me just say you’re in for a treat.  Of course, there are also times for cold brew and good food for the body along with smiles, hugs and great stories for the heart and soul.

Life becomes memorable partially through the extraordinary experiences we choose to have.  Visiting with your classmates on the 50th anniversary of our graduation is pretty special – and let me ask you… at the age of 70+ how many more opportunities do you think life plans to offer you?

So if you’re on the fence, I would encourage you to take the leap.  Call me if you like, or any member of our committee; we’ll be happy to answer your questions or provide some idea of who’s planning to come and what to expect.  

Wishing you well,

The 1970 Reunion Committee

50th Reunion Information