Student Account Center

What is the Student Account Center?

SAC is a portal that presents comprehensive student account information including Account Summary, Activity, Statements, and options to pay your bill including enrolling in a payment plan.  One-time payments post in real time 24/7.  Assumption College follows a policy of billing the student directly.  Bills for each semester are available prior to the beginning of each semester.  Students receive their billing statements electronically through their student portal.

How do you access the Student Account Center?

  1. Due to student privacy regulations (FERPA), initial access to SAC is granted to the student through the Assumption College student portal.
  2. However, since additional family members are frequently a critical partner in this process, the student (once logged into the SAC) can extend invitations to additional participants to help manage their account.

Next Steps:

If you would like to help manage the account, encourage your student to provide you with SAC access.  They can do this through the Manage Account Access tab located in SAC.

The student needs to log into the student portal, the Student Account Center tab is blue tab located on the left under quick links.  Once a student has logged into the Student Account Center in student portal, they may grant parents access through the Manage Account Access tab.  The parent would then receive an email from TMS (who we have partnered with) that they have been granted access. Within this email is how to register as a user and your log on information.