Undergraduate Payment Plan

Based on our continued commitment to help you more easily afford an education, Assumption College has selected Tuition Management Systems (TMS) has been chosen as our exclusive payment plan administrator following a thorough review of education payment plan providers.

The Monthly Payment Plan allows you to spread over smaller monthly installments education expenses, which are paid over the course of the fall or spring semester. The only cost is a $40 per TMS semester enrollment fee.

There is No PAYMENT PLAN option for summer terms.

The fall 2017 payment plan starts June 1 with enrollment opening May 18, 2017. The June 1 payment and the enrollment fee are due upon enrollment with payments due on the first of July, August, September and October.  If you chose to enroll and do not know your balance, estimate your budget to start. All payment plan payments are due the 1st of the month.  Delinquent plans will be cancelled and the balance is immediately due.  The student will no longer be eligible to participate in the monthly payment plan option for future semesters.

The deadline for enrolling in a fall 2017 semester undergraduate payment plan with TMS is July 27, 2017. You may enroll after June 1 with all back payments being made at time of enrollment. After July 1 a four month payment plan is available.  The July 1 payment and the enrollment fee are due upon enrollment with payments due on the first of August, September and October.

It is fast and easy to enroll through your Student Account Center in student portal which is available 24/7, or you may visit www.assumption.afford.com. Should you have questions pertaining to the student account center or for free education payment advice, please call 800-279-1914.

Should you decide to pay each semester expenses in full, the due dates are as follows:

  • Fall 2017 semester bill is due July 27, 2017
  • Spring 2018 semester bill is due December 19, 2017