Intersession 2021

Want to accelerate your degree? Are you behind your class in credits, and want to catch up? You can take intersession courses to catch up or move ahead. 

Intersession begins December 16, and runs to January 8, with a holiday break in the middle from December 22 to January 4.. These accelerated courses are taught by University faculty and are similar to the classes offered during the spring or fall semesters. A maximum of 15 students are permitted per class to ensure smaller classes in which students are provided an opportunity to thrive. Assumption students must contact their advisor for course approval.

Registration is done through WebAdvisor, and opens on November 9 and closes on December 10; Manual registration is offered from December 14 and15. Three-credit courses cost $1,550; the one-credit Excel course is free for Assumption students. All others will be charged $517.

Intersession 2021 Courses Offered 

Grenon School of Business

  • MKT 310K Advertising, Instructor: Egido Diodati
  • MKT 326K Digital Marketing Strategies, Instructor: Zachary Daniels

D'Amour College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

  • ARH 125K History of Western Art, Instructor: Elissa Chase 
  • CRM 130K Introduction to the Criminal Justice System, Instructor: Erica Gagne
  • CSC 110K.01 (1 credit) Excel, Instructor: Jun Thomas Ma
  • CSC 110K.02 (1 credit) Excel, Instructor: Jun Thomas Ma
  • PSY 140K Psychology of Personality, Instructor:  Fang Zhang
  • PSY 101K General Psychology, Instructor: Regina Kuersten-Hogan
  • PSY 216K Abnormal Psychology, Instructor: Adam Volungis