Intersession 2024

Intersession 2024: Accelerate Your Degree

Want to accelerate your degree? Take an intersession course! All intersession courses are offered asynchronous and online through Brightspace during the winter break. They start Tuesday, January 2 and end Friday, January 12, 2024.

These are regular Assumption courses, not transfer courses. Advising and registration for them is the same as for Spring 2024, except, intersession registration remains open until December 13. After that date, we ask for pre-payment and registration is by email to the Registrar’s office. The very last day to register is the first day of class, January 2. The price for a three-credit intersession course is $1,770.

Intersession 2024 Course Offering

Course Numbers Course Title Credits Instructor
ANT 131K Cultural Anthropology 3 K. Vogel
ARH 125K History of Western Art 3 E. Chase
CRM 130K Introduction to Criminal Justice System 3 M. Daigle
CSC 113K Introduction to Computer Science 3 J. Ma
ENG 226K Major American Writers 3 P. Shields
MKT 101K Principles of Marketing 3 N. Bandara
MKT 327K Social Media Marketing 3 Z. Daniels
MUS 125K World Music 3 P. Clemente
PSY 101K General Psychology 3 L. Gordon
PSY 240K Psychology of Personality 3 F. Zhang

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