Educating the Whole Person

At Assumption, you’ll explore every facet of who you are—and realize every ounce of your potential.

A journey of self-discovery and achievement

An Assumption education is about building knowledge and preparing for a successful career—and a whole lot more. You’ll push yourself academically and intellectually in ways you never have before, while developing self-reflection skills and connecting with your spiritual side. You’ll hone your talents and discover new passions. You’ll take crucial steps to become everything you want to be—as a learner, leader, teammate, and citizen.

Explore every facet of who you are

At Assumption, you’ll be celebrated for the unique, multidimensional person you are. We believe that well-rounded lives are fulfilling ones, and we provide countless opportunities for you to achieve happiness and balance through participation in clubs, intramural sports, community service, faith retreats, and more.

Turn interests into passions, and passions into careers

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be a teacher. Maybe you have a deep interest in sociology and economics, but you’re not yet sure how to turn that into a career. Or maybe your future is wide open. Assumption’s liberal arts experience in the classroom—along with countless opportunities to explore your interests outside of class—gives you unique insight into what drives you. You’ll discover hidden talents, strengthen long-held interests, and better understand who you are—so you can choose the right professionally and personally fulfilling destination.

Get the most out of your university experience

Challenging yourself as much as you will at Assumption won’t always be easy—but you’ll never go it alone. At every point along your journey of intellectual pursuit and self-discovery, you’ll receive an exceptional degree of encouragement and support—from our first-year COMPASS program that eases your transition from high school to university, to the academic advisors and faculty mentors who will help you make key decisions on courses, internships, research, study abroad, and other opportunities.

Fully embracing the Assumption experience means embarking on a life-changing journey to become your best self. Someone who leads with honesty, integrity, and courage. A citizen who sees societal issues as personal causes—not someone else’s job to solve. Someone who knows who they are, what makes them happy, and how to use their talents to lead a life they can be proud of.

A time-tested academic journey

Become a skilled writer. Examine the relationship between the individual and society. Learn to think like a scientist. Study the ideas of history’s greatest philosophers. Assumption’s core curriculum will enable you to develop the intellectual habits, well-rounded perspectives, and critical skills required to thrive personally and professionally.

Core Curriculum

Your first-year bridge from high school to university

Assumption’s semester-long first-year program, COMPASS (Common Pursuit of Academic and Social Success), gives you the tools and instruction to transition successfully into Assumption. You’ll learn in a close-knit, supportive community that allows you to ease into university-level coursework, quickly make new friends, and start your university career on the right foot.


A one-of-a-kind opportunity for sophomores

Sophomores are eligible to pursue SOPHIA (Sophomore Initiative at Assumption), a program designed to help you identify and pursue personal, professional, and societal goals that reflect your talents, interests, and ideals. SOPHIA participants live, study, and travel together, and make crucial discoveries about their vocational opportunities, the world, and themselves.