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Department of Public Safety Mission Statement

Public Safety Commendation and Complaint Process

Request for Copy of Incident Report

Preventing Sexual Assault

Shelter in Place vs Lockdown

U.S. Department of State – Students Abroad


Clery Incident Report Form

Sex Offense Reporting Form

Know More - Sexual Assault Prevention

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Jane Doe Inc. For Victims and Survivors of Sexual Violence

Sexual Assault/Relationship Abuse Resources & Services

Emergency Victim/Witness Resource Information

United States Dept. of Education Office for Civil Rights Q & A on Title IX and Sexual Violence

Video:  Bystander Intervention

Video:  Bystander Intervention (Cal Poly)

Sexual Violence on Campus - A Message To Parents

FERPA-Clery Chart

VAWA Reauthorization Act - New Requirements

Title IX Questions & Answers



RAVE Guardian App

Fall 2018 R.A.D. Trainings

R.A.D. Training Registration Form



Running Safety Tips

Clery Incident Report Form

Personal Safety and Security

Awareness and Reporting of Suspicious Activity

Stalking Resource Center

Stalking Fact Sheet

Stalking Myths & Realities

See Something, Say Something

Blue Emergency Phone Map

Preventing Sexual Assault

On-Line Safety



Surviving An Active Shooter Event


Texas State University: Avoid Deny Defend


An introduction to ALICE Institute Training


BC Active Shooter Awareness




Advancing Diversity in Law Enforcement

The Police Response to Homelessness

Executive Guidebook: Practical Approaches for Strengthening Law Enforcement Response to Sexual Assault

Active Shooter Incidents in the United States in 2016 and 2017

An Act Relative to Criminal Justice Reform

School Climate and Safety

Truthfulness in Policing

When Can The Police Use Force and What Happens When They Do?

A Study of Active Shooter Incidents

Policing the Police

Re-Engineering Training on Police Use of Force

PERF Defining Moments

Broken Window Policing

Born Suspect - NAACP Report on Racial Profiling, September 2014

Heroin Epidemic and Changing Attitudes Towards Marijuana

Patrol Level Response to a Suicide Bomb Threat 2007

A Gathering Storm - Violent Crime in America

An Integrated Approach to De-Escalation and Minimizing Use of Force

Civil Rights Investigations of Local Police

Gang Violence - The Police Role in Developing Community Wide Solutions

Guns & Crime - Breaking New Ground By Focusing on the Local Impact

How Are Innovations in Technology Transforming Policing

Improving the Police Response to Sexual Assault

Is the Economic Downturn Fundamentally Changing How We Police 2010

Labor-Management Relations in Policing - Looking to the Future and Finding Common Ground

Legitimacy and Procedural Justice - A New Element of Police Leadership

Managing Major Events - Best Practices From The Field 2011

Managing The Problem of Youth Access to Alcohol 2002

Patrol Level Response to A Suicide Bomb Threat 2007

Police Chiefs and Sheriffs Speak Out On Local Immigration Enforcement 2008

Police Management of Mass Demonstrations - Identifying Issues and Successful Approaches 2006

Police Planning For An Influenza Pandemic - Case Studies and Recommendations From the Field 2007

Policing And The Economic Downturn - Striving For Efficiency Is The New Normal 2013

Strategies For Resolving Conflict and Minimizing Use of Force 2007

Violent Crime in America - A Tale of Two Cities 2007

Violent Crime in America - 24 Months of Alarming Trends 2007

Violent Crime in America - What We Know About Hot Spots Enforcement 2008

Violent Crime And The Economic Crisis Part 1  2009

Violent Crime And The Economic Crisis Part 2   2009

Future Trends in Policing 2014



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