Intramural Sports

Intramural General Information

Year-round, the Department of Campus Recreation Intramural Sports program hosts intramural sports for the entire campus community. Notably, there are a variety of 21 team and individual events which allow students, faculty, staff & administrators to create coed or single gendered teams and play according to their time preferences. Intramural Sport programs offer everyone an opportunity to not only enjoy a sport or special event you have done in the past, but also allows you to meet new people in a fun and spirited atmosphere while increasing your physical fitness. There are no prerequisites for experience, so all skill levels are encouraged to participate and potentially win the infamous Intramural Sport Champion ship T-shirt!

Past sports include:

  • Basketball - 5v5 (Men's/Women's)
  • Basketball - 3v3 (Men's/Women's)
  • Battleship (Co-Ed)
  • Kickball (Co-Ed)
  • Softball (Co-Ed)
  • Flag Football (Men's/Women's)
  • Floor Hockey (Men's/Women's)
  • Lawn Games (Co-Ed)
  • Soccer - Indoor (Men's/Women's)
  • Soccer - Outdoor (Co-Ed)
  • Volleyball - Indoor (Men's/Co-Ed)
  • Volleyball - Beach (Men's.Women's)
  • Ping Pong (Co-Ed)
  • Three Point Competition (Men's/Women's)
  • Wiffleball (Men's/Women's)

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Registering for Intramurals