Campus Ministry Retreats

Spiritual Development

At Assumption, we believe in the development of the whole person – body, mind and spirit. We offer a variety of programs to help students grow spiritually, including retreats, small faith communities, and ongoing opportunities for reflection. Whether a person is just beginning their spiritual journey or they've been walking the road of faith for sometime, they'll find many opportunities for spiritual growth at Assumption.

Join us and discover the deeper meaning of the college motto "Until Christ be Formed in You."


Retreats offer students time for quiet reflection away from their busy lives on campus. Students explore their relationship with God with others and reflect on their faith journey. By sharing the retreat experience with peers, they build community and develop new friendships grounded in a commitment to grow in faith. All students are welcome to participate in Campus Ministry's retreat offerings. No prior retreat experience is required.

START & Horizon Retreats

The START & Horizon Retreats offer opportunities for students to get off-campus to reflect on a number of different themes:  identity, commitment, faith, prayer, and discipleship to name a few. Each retreat is student-led and includes:

  • Talks by students
  • Small group discussions
  • Time for reflection
  • Opportunities for students to relax with one another

Students who have attended a 24-hour START Retreat are encouraged to explore deeper dimensions of their faith life on a 48-hour Horizon Retreat. All students, Catholic and non-Catholic, are welcome to attend. If you need to get away and want to meet new people interested in growing in faith, these retreats can help.

Contact Stephanie McCaffrey for more information.

Genesis Retreat

The Genesis Retreat is for first-year students and offered the second Saturday after classes begin in the fall. Its primary goal is to encourage students who are beginning their college experience to reflect on their desires and goals for their first year, as well as to encourage them to use Campus Ministry as a resource as they seek to grow in their faith.  It also provides students with the opportunity to meet others who have just joined the Assumption community, as well as to hear from a sophomore or junior about their own Assumption experience. The Genesis Retreat is a collaboration between Campus Ministry and Student Affairs.

Crossroads Retreat

Created specifically for sophomores, this 24-hour, off-campus retreat helps sophomores come to a greater appreciation of their God-given gifts, their passions and talents, and their sense of vocation. It includes talks by recent alumni, small group conversations, and other activities that assist students in more fully understanding what God is calling them to as young adults. Contact Stephanie McCaffrey for more information.

Senior Retreat

This retreat offers seniors an opportunity to reflect on their college experience and look ahead to their years beyond Assumption. This 24-hour retreat, designed by and for seniors, is held off-campus at a retreat center and is open to any member of the graduating class. Retreat elements include:

  • reflection on the development of identity and faith during college
  • small group conversations
  • large group activities
  • opportunities for prayer, reflection, and relaxation

No previous retreat experience is required.

Contact Stephanie McCaffrey for more information.

Spare Change Retreat

This retreat is designed to heighten student awareness of social justice and the Christian call to advocate for the poorest and most vulnerable in our midst. Rooted in Catholic Social Teaching and co-led by students, this retreat includes talks and small group activities that help students integrate the Gospel call to peace and justice more fully into their lives. All students of any faith background are welcome to participate. Contact Vinnie Sullivan-Jacques for more information.

Christian Formation

The Christian Formation program prepares those for initiation into the Catholic Church who have not been baptized, have been baptized in a different Christian tradition, or who have been baptized Catholic and have not received the sacraments of First Eucharist and Confirmation. 

Any student who is interested in receiving Baptism, Communion and Confirmation for full sacramental participation in the Catholic Church should contact Paul Covino or by phone at (508) 767-7057.