Taylor May: The Hanover Theatre

Interning at The Hanover Theatre

Interning at The Hanover Theatre


Name: Taylor May
Hometown: Plymouth, MA
Major: Marketing
Minor: Management
Internship Sponsor: The Hanover Theatre


Primary Responsibilities:

As a public relations intern at The Hanover Theatre, my primary responsibilities include: promoting upcoming events on social media websites, researching and maintaining press contact lists, distributing promotional materials to local organizations and assisting the Marketing Department with a variety of tasks.


Blog Entry:

Beginning the very first day of my internship, I have had the opportunity to develop my marketing and communication skills and to expand my comfort zone and grow professionally in a business-arts environment.


I was thrown directly into the daily grind. With nothing but a manual that was filled with general information and step-by-step procedures to maneuver through their systems, I was asked to complete tasks. Initially, it was overwhelming. I felt that there was a great risk of making a mistake. I soon realized that encountering and overcoming risk is not only a personal triumph, but also an opportunity to become a competent professional.


Through-out the duration of my internship, I can truly say that I have grown and developed my skills through this tacit knowledge. It’s one thing to understand concepts in a classroom setting, but it’s not until I applied them in the workplace that they begin to play a role in the decisions I made to produce quality work and add value to the organization.


I could not have asked for a better internship than the one at The Hanover Theatre; I worked with a great group of professionals and was given the opportunity to see the immense role marketing and public relations play in the entertainment industry.