Steve Travaglini: Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau (CMCVB)

Interning at the Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau

Interning at the Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau


Name: Steve Travaglini

Hometown: Pelham, NH

Major: Organizational Communication

Internship Sponsor: Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau (CMCVB)


Primary Responsibilities:

The Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau is responsible for promoting the Central Massachusetts region as a convention and meeting site, as well as a tourist destination. At the CMCVB, I am responsible for helping with Sales and Marketing. I make sales calls to local organizations in an effort to gain membership to the bureau and to sell ad space in our visitor guide.  I am also responsible for updating social media outlets such as Facebook, and editing business descriptions for the visitor guide.


Blog Entry:

Through this internship I had the chance to tour the DCU Center in order to understand and to estimate the capabilities of the space as a potential venue.  This is important to the CMCVB because when companies/organizations are looking to book large conventions, we can give them the exact specs and capabilities of the best venues in the area. Coincidently, Jim Moughan ‘81, the Assistant General Manager who gave us the tour, was an Assumption grad. He told me a great story about how when he was at Assumption he wanted a job at the DCU so badly that he would call them every single week until they finally broke down and gave him an interview. He then beat out the 70+ other applicants who interviewed to get his initial position. He has since risen through the ranks to hold the title of Assistant General Manager.


I also had the opportunity to represent the CMCVB at the annual Golf Expo at Mechanic’s Hall, Worcester. My responsibilities were to hand out information about the area, including the visitor guide, as well as answer questions. I had the first shift, which overlapped with Sam, a student intern from Clark University.  I also got the chance to have my spine electrically scanned by an onsite sports chiropractor. It was interesting to see what the years of football have done to my neck.


All in all, my experience as an intern at the CMCVB has been positive and extremely beneficial in gaining professional experience and boosting my resume, which has helped me secure a job after graduation.