Stephanie Creedon: Florabunda Gift Shop & Tea Room

Interning at Florabunda Gift Shop and Tea Room

Interning at Florabunda Gift Shop and Tea Room


Name: Stephanie Creedon
Hometown: Sutton, MA
Major: Organizational Communication
Minor: Marketing
Internship Sponsor: Florabunda Gift Shop & Tea Room


Primary Responsibilities:
I am the marketing intern at Florabunda Gift Shop and Tea Room. I am responsible for developing and implementing new marketing objectives to create more awareness of the shop’s name and to grow the customer base. My tasks include: creating and managing social media websites, designing advertisements, creating promotional plans, researching potential markets and assisting with special events.


Blog Entry:

Prior to my internship at Florabunda, I was a member of a team of marketing students in my Marketing Management class who developed a marketing plan for the gift shop and tea room.  I was then offered the opportunity to become an intern at the shop in order to implement our marketing plan, as well as develop new promotional ideas.


I was excited to begin my internship because I was going to have the opportunity to put into action the marketing plan I had worked on this past fall in class. This experience gave me the chance to test the marketing and communication skills I learned in the classroom and incorporate them in the real world.


I have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the owner of the shop, which has greatly impacted my experience because it allows me to actively participate in making decisions and voicing my opinions about new ways to grow the shop. I am able to see first hand all of the work that goes into building a marketing plan and putting it into action. From conducting research, to contacting clients and developing promotions, I am gaining valuable experience and am able to see the results of my marketing efforts on a day-to-day basis.


For example, I created the Facebook and Twitter sites for Florabunda.  I also researched/targeted social groups in the area for upcoming special events. As a result of my efforts, the Valentine’s Day Tea and the St. Patrick’s Day Tea were extremely successful.


This internship has provided me with a learning experience that I would not have received from a classroom experience.  As a marketing intern, I have grown professionally through facing the obstacles and challenges of beginning with a marketing plan on paper, putting this plan into action and being able to see my accomplishments at Florabunda.