Rindy Neang: Admissions Office, Assumption College

Interning in the Assumption College Admissions Office

Interning in the Assumption College Admissions Office



Name: Rindy Neang
Hometown: Worcester, MA
Major: Management
Internship Sponsor: Admissions Office, Assumption College


Primary Responsibilities:
As an intern in the Admissions Office, my primary responsibilities include: creating fliers; conducting mailings for recruiting trips; preparing, reading, and evaluating students’ applications; visiting local high schools for presentations; writing congratulatory cards to accepted students; analyzing and providing suggestions to revise the guidebook.


Blog Entry:
Interning in the Admissions Office has been a great opportunity to gain knowledge, from an institutional perspective, of the admissions function and processes. During my internship, I have completed first and second reads of student applications, and reviewed and evaluated specific students’ applications.


I find the application reading process to be the most intriguing because it gives me the opportunity to read and evaluate an actual student’s application. At the same time, it is challenging because, now sitting in an Admissions Office, I can almost see and feel the student perspective in the application process and I am reminded of how I felt as a high school senior completing the process. I want to say to all our applicants that the Admissions Office is very diligent and purposeful in their admissions decisions.


My internship has also allowed me to apply the skills and knowledge I have learned in management classes as I initiate, manage, and report on all the tasks I am assigned to complete. This process is used by all employees and managers in the work environment.