Michael Sullender: Brooks Pond Apartments

Interning with Brooks Pond Apartments

Interning with Brooks Pond Apartments

Name: Michael Sullender

Hometown: Lunenburg, MA

Major: Organizational Communication

Minor: Marketing

Internship Sponsor: Brooks Pond Apartments

Primary Responsibilities:

As a property management intern, my primary responsibilities include:

  • Preparing residential leases and renewals
  • Coordinating vendor work orders with tenants
  • Evaluating credit history analyses of applicants
  • Conducting walk through, entry and exit inspections with tenants
  • Maintaining current lease files and tenant history

Blog Entry:

As a property management intern, I am experiencing and learning first-hand how residential apartments are run on a day-to-day basis. Brooks Pond is a comfortable and friendly environment that has provided me the opportunity to use many of the communication concepts and skills we discuss in my Organization Communication classes.

In successful property management, there is a great deal of interpersonal communication between tenants and management. I am dealing with tenants and prospective applicants constantly and the skills I have learned in the classroom have enabled me to be fully capable of conquering any questions or issues a tenant might be dealing with. For example, I recently advocated for a tenant who had a misunderstanding with management over a parking space. I was able to resolve this issue by communicating between the tenant and my supervisor to work out an agreement that was satisfactory for everyone involved.

My internship has taught me a great deal about the working environment and I am glad that I am able to add value to the organization. The experience I am gaining from my internship is making me a confident professional.