Kristin Walsh: American Cancer Society

Interning for the American Cancer Society

Interning for the American Cancer Society


Name: Kristin Elizabeth Walsh
Hometown: Simsbury, CT
Major: Organizational Communication
Internship Sponsor: American Cancer Society

Primary Responsibilities:

As the American Cancer Society Marketing Intern for Endurance Events, I play a vital role in the coordination of details for two major events in New England. I ensure these events are exciting and successful through the development of a network of participants and volunteers. I assist, manage, recruit, explore and research all possible ways to promote our events and publicize our company name and reputation. The success of planning these events is vital for cancer research and treatment.

Blog Entry:

While interning for a non-profit organization, I have had the opportunity to work alongside my supervisor on a major fundraising event; Bicycles Battling Cancer.

I have experienced the tricky art of requesting donations, the satisfaction of participating in an advertising meeting with a major sponsor, and the challenges that come with recruiting and communicating in an influential manner. With these experiences I have learned to always be organized, to speak effectively and respectfully, and to never, under any circumstances, give up!

It is a pure joy to have developed positive relationships, both internally and externally, through the American Cancer Society. I now understand the importance of communication and the results that can come from communicating successfully. I look forward to graduating this spring with confidence and commitment.