Janine Perro: Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau (CMCVB)

Interning with the Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau (CMCVB).

Interning with the Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau (CMCVB).

Name: Janine Perro

Hometown: Mendon, MA

Major: Marketing

Minor: Communications

Internship Sponsor: Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau (CMCVB)

As a marketing intern and project coordinator, my primary responsibilities are to:

  • Plan and organize multiple traveler events
  • Promote upcoming events on social media
  • Update the website with current events and information from the New England area
  • Communicate with CMCVB members and with managers of partner companies
  • Assist with upcoming convention meetings and assemblies

Blog Entry:

The Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (CMCVB) is responsible for promoting the Central Massachusetts region as a convention and meeting-site region and as a tourist destination. It is the primary resource for industry news and information. The CMCVB is dedicated to creating public awareness about New England and to becoming the heart, soul, and energy of visitors’ destinations.

Interning at the CMCVB has given me knowledge in marketing, advertising, and promotion. This real world experience has also given me valuable insight into how a small business operates. Through updating information and advertising the bureau, I have brought my marketing skills to the real world, which has given me a feeling of accomplishment. I have attended convention meetings at the Marriot Hotel with various members of CMCVB, which has given me an understanding of how professionals interact and network.

This semester my focus has been on preparing the AAA convention at Gillette Stadium. I have contacted members who will be attending the show, and have coordinated booth times for every company. Communicating with professionals who are executives and CEOs has further equipped me in communication and professionalism. These communication and planning skills will give me a career advantage in seeking employment in business marketing.