Elizabeth Villano: Admissions Office, Assumption College

Interning in the Assumption College Admissions Office
Interning in the Assumption College Admissions Office


Name: Elizabeth Villano
Hometown: Manchester, CT
Major: Management
Minor: Psychology
Internship Sponsor: Admissions Office, Assumption College


Primary Responsibilities:

As an intern in the Admissions Office, I work primarily with the Director of Admissions.  I have been responsible for reading and prepping college applications from applicants in Puerto Rico and international students.  I have also been assigned a number of tasks, including: creating fliers, welcoming tours, and calculating QPAs.  I attended Early Action Accepted Students Day in February and the second Accepted Students Day last week.  I will also be joining some of the admissions counselors for high school visits and college fairs in the coming weeks.


Blog Entry:

When I started my internship I was not sure what to expect, but I have been involved in a variety of interesting projects.  On my first day, I attended the weekly staff meeting and was very nervous.  I did not know any of the employees, but I immediately felt like part of the team.  They gave me a warm welcome and genuinely seemed happy to have me there.  That same day the Director added me to the email list, which surprised me and made me feel very involved.


My major project has been reading college applications.  This involves reviewing students’ college essays, letters of recommendation, and transcripts.  It was very interesting to see the other side of the Admissions process, considering I applied to colleges only a short time ago.


This experience has also allowed me to better understand the type of organizational culture and structure that would be best for me.  I have discovered that I like to work in smaller organizations where you know everyone by name.  I also prefer an environment with a team or matrix structure, in which I feel comfortable seeking advice from any professional.


I am looking forward to continuing my internship and especially to attending the high school visits and college fairs.  These will allow me to gain hands-on experience and see another aspect of the Admissions process.