Eddie McDonald: Home Sweet Home LLC

Interning with Home Sweet Home LLC

Interning with Home Sweet Home LLC

Name: Eddie McDonald

Hometown: Arlington, Massachusetts

Major: Management

Minor: Finance

Internship Sponsor: Home Sweet Home LLC


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Monitor and facilitate job progress in accordance with all state, town and city construction regulations and procedures
  • Facilitate and manage the Home Sweet Home Facebook Page, Twitter, and company website
  • Work to build brand awareness and social networking by managing contacts and information
  • Document construction activities and records as-built information
  • Review material and inspect construction for compliance with plans and specifications
  • Attend weekly company meetings

Blog Entry:


Ever since I was a young kid I have dreamed of one day owning my own business. Being an intern at Home Sweet Home, an entrepreneurial business, has taught me all about the day-to-day functions and responsibilities that go along with being your own boss. The founders of Home Sweet Home are two young guys, who like me, wanted to start their own company. They started out three years ago working out of their garage by doing house calls for their closest family and friends. As they started to establish themselves and their company, their referral list grew tremendously. Through social networking they have been able to create a significant brand awareness for their company in the greater Boston area.


What I like so much about working for Home Sweet Home is the work environment. The two founders really make me feel like I play a major role in their company and yet, never put any pressure on me. I was able to see the process and procedures of building an entire house from beginning to end. There is so much more that goes into planning for new construction that includes not only the actual labor, but also making sure all of the proper permits are attained.


I sit in on weekly company meetings and am encouraged to voice my ideas. The company has grown through its social media marketing. They love my marketing ideas and allow me to monitor their Website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Since I started interning, the number of hits they have had on their website has almost doubled and the amount of new business leads has increased significantly.


Interning with Home Sweet Home puts into perspective how much work goes into running your own company. I am actually able to see how my work directly increases their business. I am learning how much social media marketing can spread a company’s brand awareness and increase productivity. Communication and customer service are also very important in the construction business. You must be able to communicate with your customers so the job gets done correctly and in a timely manner. The more satisfied a customer is with your work, the more likely they will call you again and refer your business to other customers.