Delia Klim: Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce

Interning at the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce

Interning at the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce


Name: Delia Klim
Hometown: Brighton, MA
Major: Management
Internship Sponsor: Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce


Primary Responsibilities:
I work closely with the Director of Marketing & Communications on the following tasks: updating the website’s calendar of events and pages, writing and editing press releases, creating promotional materials for Chamber events, updating social networking sites, and conducting market research.


Blog Entry:
Interning at the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce has given me the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills I have learned in my classes to work in the business world and it has helped me to analyze my strengths and preferences when searching for jobs. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity at the Chamber because it gives me a competitive advantage in the job market – and I enjoy my internship!


Working with the Director so closely has given me confidence in myself to make decisions, take responsibility for tasks, and share my opinion on issues. At first when I was assigned tasks I felt overwhelmed and worried that I would not be able to complete them well. I quickly learned that being an intern is a learning process, and my first press release was not going to be flawless. My supervisor really helped me understand this and gave me the confidence I needed. Now I feel prepared for almost any assignment!


Interning at the Chamber does require some administrative work, but I always feel valued by the organization for what I do. If I help someone other than my supervisor, it is always appreciated, and I know that the end results are helping the Chamber remain successful. My internship has taught me a lot about myself and I value the experience.