Connor MacNeil: Brookfield Renewable Energy Group

Interning with Brookfield Renewable Energy Group

Interning with Brookfield Renewable Energy Group


Name: Connor MacNeil
Hometown: Wayland, MA
Major: Marketing and International Business
Internship Sponsor: Brookfield Renewable Energy Group


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Assembled a daily media report for internal stakeholders
  • Developed enhancements for Brookfield’s internal internet database
  • Organized and updated Brookfield’s hydroelectric asset data

Blog Entry:
Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners is a publicly traded, non-profit organization that owns and operates over 100 hydroelectric facilities and wind turbines in the United States, Brazil and Canada. As a member of a successful international organization, I witnessed first-hand the unique and relevant cultural differences that occur in the workplace. As an International Business major, I applied my classroom knowledge to these issues, gained an understanding for how and why they occur and handled them accordingly.


As a communications intern, I was exposed to various channels and varieties of inter-organizational communications. This was an eye- opening experience because I never realized the immense amount of information that must be internally transmitted in order for a company to function properly. Although Brookfield rarely utilizes consumer marketing, I was able to apply my learned marketing skills on internal media drafts, asset fact sheets and various data reports.


My internship at Brookfield was an amazing experience and further confirmed my aspirations to pursue a career path in the renewable energy sector. Brookfield has provided me with a great foundation as I enter graduate school in pursuit of my MBA in Sustainable Enterprise. I hope to someday undertake a business venture of my own and apply the valuable knowledge that I have learned during my semester with Brookfield Renewable Energy Group.