Chelsae Partosan: DCU Center

Interning at the DCU Center

Interning at the DCU Center


Name: Chelsae Partosan

Hometown: Mystic, Connecticut

Major: Organizational Communication

Internship Sponsor: DCU Center


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Work directly with the Director of Group Sales to assist with group orders
  • Update social media websites such as Social Web and Facebook
  • Perform administrative work such as follow-up phone calls to advertising leads
  • Assist with promotional activities such as distributing flyers, schedules, and tickets to local schools and businesses
  • Work special events such as the Ringling Brothers Circus, Business Expo, Cirque de Soleil- Quidam, and Avicii
  • Attend “Woo Card” meetings

Blog Entry:

Hello! My name is Chelsae Partosan and I am a senior Organizational Communication major with a minor in Marketing. I am currently a Marketing Intern at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA. Compared to my two previous internship experiences, I have to say the DCU Center has been my best fit with an organizational culture. I felt comfortable in my work environment beginning day one and have been able to voice my suggestions freely.


I have experienced the ins and outs of what goes into planning multiple events at once; I have learned there is a lot of hard work, but it is very rewarding. Planning an event begins with preparing a press release to announce an event to the public and moves on to advertising and promoting the event to draw in the specific target audience. Working the day of an event can be exciting, as well as stressful. The specific act or artist usually has press coverage during the day, including radio and television interviews, as well as meet and greet opportunities – and then it’s show time! We are able to see how successful our promotions have been according to our ticket sales. I have been able to attend many events at the DCU Center. Seeing an event unfold is a gratifying experience after the months of preparation that goes into planning that one event.


I feel very prepared at my internship with the many foundation classes I have taken in the Business Studies Department. Classes such as Marketing on the Internet, Communication Theory, Public Relations, and Advertising have provided knowledge and skills that I have applied to projects at my internship.