Caron Grealish: Clear Channel Worcester WSRS/WTAG

At the Corridor Nine Chamber of Commerce Open for Business Expo
At the Corridor Nine Chamber of Commerce Open for Business Expo


Name: Caron Grealish
Hometown: North Attleboro, MA
Major: Marketing
Internship Sponsor: Clear Channel Worcester WSRS/WTAG


Primary Responsibilities:
At my internship I have learned about many aspects of the radio-media world. .  My main responsibility is the coordination of a station sponsorship which entails organizing an advertisement trade agreement and planning for station give-aways at the event.

I am in charge of keeping the budget charts up-to-date and creating prize sheets for on-air winners.  I have also developed radio commercials for advertisers.


Blog Entry:
My internship at Clear Channel Worcester has provided me with the opportunity to assess the capabilities I possess so that I can be successful in a business environment.  The internship has also provided me with personal insights about the necessity of adapting quickly within an organization.

I worked with the Sales Department and assisted many of the sales reps with background market research.  Learning more about the behind-the-scenes aspect showed me that sales is not my strong suit.

I was then assigned to coordinate tasks for the Corridor Nine Chamber of Commerce Expo event.  This opportunity made me realize that I am much more interested in planning and coordinating.

When I started this internship I was unsure of where in the field of marketing I wanted to specialize; during my time at Clear Channel I have developed a feel for my skills, knowledge and confidence level.