Caitlin DeFerrari: Patelligence LLC.

At Patelligence LLC.

At Patelligence LLC.


Name: Caitlin DeFerrari
Hometown: Tewksbury, MA
Major: Marketing
Minor: Psychology
Internship Sponsor: Patelligence LLC.


Primary Responsibilities: My primary responsibilities include: managing all social media for the company on a daily basis, writing weekly blogs for the company and their client websites, creating advertisements and assisting in market research. My internship has also given me the opportunity to learn the field of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and to view and analyze the results of my market research efforts.


Blog Entry:


My experience with Patelligence has been very rewarding. Coming into this internship I knew I would gain valuable experience, but I could not imagine how many opportunities I would have to apply my communication/marketing skills and knowledge.


By the end of the first week, I sat in on the company’s creative brainstorming sessions and offered my opinions and suggestions for projects such as revising the company’s strategic marketing plan and the design of our new company logo.


By the end of the second week, I researched and and developed a target market for a mass email advertisement.


By the third week, I designed the email campaign by myself. I was taught to use programs that analyze and provide feedback on this email campaign.  The results showed success.  Our campaign reached 2,149 email accounts, and had a click-through rate of 5%, beating the industry average of 2.5%.  These results are seen in the chart in my blog picture.


Patelligence has given me the opportunity to gain real-world marketing experience. I have been able to work side-by- side and exchange ideas with graphic designers, web developers, and experienced Fortune 500 marketing professionals.


I will walk away from this internship with a portfolio of writing samples, email campaigns, and an internet marketing experience that will not only build my resume – but will have kick-started my career in marketing.