Briana Brown: Emmanuel Communications (WNEB 1230AM Emmanuel Radio)

Interning at Emmanuel Communications (WNEB 1230AM Emmanuel Radio)

Interning at Emmanuel Communications (WNEB 1230AM Emmanuel Radio)


Name:  Briana Brown
Hometown, State: Wilmington, MA
Major: Organizational Communication and Psychology
Internship Sponsor: Emmanuel Communications (WNEB 1230AM Emmanuel Radio)


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Represent the station to the public through media spots and our social media networks
  • Facilitate growth and interest in the station through interactions with local Catholic organizations
  • Help to plan and execute events and fundraising efforts
  • Maintain organization of donations and donor contacts
  • Perform administrative tasks


Blog Entry:
Interning at Emmanuel Radio has given me the unique experience of direct involvement in the functions and tasks of developing, maintaining and growing a new Catholic radio station. The non-profit radio station launched in May 2011 and has been working intensively to gain listeners and to solidify brand recognition.


Helping with Emmanuel Radio’s efforts to grow has allowed me to apply the skills and knowledge I have gained in management, marketing and communication classes. When reaching out to our target market through social media, parish talks, events, telephone soliciting, and “snail mail”, I use communication theories that I have learned to connect with the particular demographic. When calling donors and prospective sponsors, I use the knowledge and skills of personal communication to gain interest and support for the organization through donors’ belief in the importance of spreading the message of Christ.


The opportunity of observing and participating in a growing, vibrant organization, has allowed me to implement – or put into action – the marketing and management tasks of establishing a non-profit organization.