Bianca Ravida: Office of Alumni Relations, Assumption College

Interning in the Assumption College Office of Alumni Relations

Interning in the Assumption College Office of Alumni Relations


Name: Bianca Ravida
Hometown: Saugus, MA
Major: Management
Minor: Economics
Internship Sponsor: Office of  Alumni Relations, Assumption College


Primary Responsibilities:
As a social media intern in the Office of Alumni Relations, my primary responsibility is promoting the social networking group that the department has developed to alumni.  I am responsible for making sure information on the alumni database is current. As social media intern, I also utilize social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook to establish connections with former Assumption students. I have also contributed to the Assumption Magazine “Class Notes” section which contains updates about individual alumni.


Blog Entry:
Before I started my internship, I was nervous because I had only used social media for my personal use. I had no idea how to use social networking as a professional communication tool. On my first day, my fears were cast aside when I met the people in my office and immediately felt comfortable with them. It made my job a lot easier knowing that I could ask any staff member a question about my work. I was also given clear instructions about my tasks, and informed that there may also be some administrative work.
My major project has been inviting former Assumption students to join the Alumni Relations group on LinkedIn and asking them to be a “connection”.  This process includes cross referencing the information on LinkedIn profiles with those of the Assumption alumni database. Any updates or new information on the profile is then printed out and highlighted so that the new information is entered correctly into the database. The Alumni Relations group has more activity than I had anticipated. Alumni are able to post and view job listings, establish contacts with other alumni, and be notified about events.  It is fascinating to see the network of  former Assumption students that I will soon be joining this May!

My internship has allowed me to apply business concepts that I have learned in my classes at Assumption. My computer science course, in particular, has been quite beneficial when I was asked to make a slideshow presentation for the Board of Trustees about our progress using social media.
At first I was hesitant about having an internship on campus because I wanted to  “venture out”, but working at Alumni Relations has truly been one of the highlights of my senior year because it has prepared me for graduation more than I expected it too. In the future, when I receive an invitation for my reunion, I will understand the hard work that has gone into that letter and that event. I have definitely developed an appreciation for all the department does and am grateful for the opportunity that they have provided me.