Austin Potter: Small Business Service Bureau (SBSB)

Interning for the Small Business Service Bureau

Interning for the Small Business Service Bureau


Name: Austin Potter
Hometown: Cheshire, Connecticut
Major: Management
Minor: Chemistry
Internship Sponsor: Small Business Service Bureau (SBSB)


Primary Responsibilities:
As the Research Marketing Analyst Intern for the SBSB, I work in the Marketing and Legislative Affairs Department which develops web-based and print marketing communications material. I assist the Founder/Chairman in developing and writing news releases based on SBSB survey data and current news stories. My primary responsibilities are to: track legislation and write small business issue briefs, monitor online intelligence, help to develop online advertisements for the SBSB Bulletin, and help to develop and implement Social Media plans.

Blog Entry:
With plans to attend graduate school for an MBA in Health Care Management, I have the opportunity to follow legislative affairs in Health Care Reform that affects small business. Working side by side with the Founder & Chairman, Mr. Carroll, I have had the opportunity to study the politics that will greatly affect our entire health care system.

I am fortunate to have this internship experience because it is so closely related to my professional interests. With this internship, I have recently found that I may be most interested in a career that mixes my interest in healthcare with my experience in student government/government relations. I would like to pursue the position of Government and Community Relations in either a hospital or health insurance agency. 

This new career objective has developed through assisting the marketing department in putting together their monthly ballot and bulletin that is sent out to all of their members around the world. These documents inform their members on what hot topics are beings discussed on Capitol Hill. Having already interned at a hospital this past summer, this opportunity at the SBSB will further prepare me for my graduate studies.