Alexandra Bellerose: Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce

Interning at the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce

Interning at the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce


Name: Alexandra Bellerose
Hometown: Oxford, MA
Major: Organizational Communication
Minor: Spanish
Internship Sponsor: Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce


Primary Responsibilities:

I work with the Director of Marketing & Communications to: update the website with business articles and upcoming event listings, create promotional press releases, and contact Chamber members via email and e-newsletters.


Blog Entry:

While interning at the Chamber of Commerce, I have gained valuable experience in the technical and communication skills necessary to promote events and maintain strong relationships with Chamber members.


My most valuable experience thus far has been assisting with one of the Chamber’s largest events from start to finish. I began by creating an event page for The Breakfast Club – a well known and respected event in the business community – writing bios about the guest speakers, and producing a press release. Several weeks later I had the opportunity to attend the event and network with many business professionals from Worcester. Seeing the success of this event helped me understand the value of my behind-the-scenes hard work.


I work with wonderful professionals who are both knowledgeable and encouraging. They appreciate my help and provide me with constant feedback. Interning has given me the opportunity to evaluate my organizational “fit” with this type of business culture while learning new skills and challenging myself.