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ACAchieves Spotlights

Assumption students – and alumni – understand the importance of applying classroom knowledge to real-world situations. You’ll find many of our students doing internships and research projects, which aid them in securing jobs and graduate school placements in their senior year. Learn more about the achievements of our students and alumni below.

Alison McGrail
Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies '16
Internship: Counseling Intern at St. Peter Marian High School; Position: Family Service Provider and Therapeutic Mentor at South Bay Medical Center

My human services degree has given me such a broad base of knowledge, and current theories that really prepared me for my internship as a school counselor. Through observation and the support of my supervisor I was able to undertake my own case load of students. The ability to complete a 400 hour internship helped me stand out when applying for jobs.

Sarah Massiwer
Accounting '16
Internship: Staff Auditor at Aronson, Aronson and Finning CPAs; Position: Staff Accountant at Aronson, Aronson and Finning CPAs

During my internship I learned about the public accounting field and was exposed to many different industries. I also learned the accounting rules that apply to these industries in order to successfully audit them.

Brenden Knight
Psychology '16
Internship: Teacher’s Assistant at Nelson Place School; Grad School: Master’s in Clinical Counseling Psychology at Assumption College

Through my internship at Nelson Place School, learned the importance of applying textbook knowledge to the working field. Transforming into an effective, compassionate, and critically thinking professional requires immersing oneself into the field. I have also learned that any field that involves working with other individuals leads to reciprocal growth and learning between the "teacher" and the "student," no matter the age difference.

Kailey Filiere
Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies '16
Internship: Intern at New England Center for Children; Position: Level 2 Teacher at New England Center for Children

Interning at New England Center for Children opened my eyes to what I’m really passionate about – working with children with disabilities. The courses I took at Assumption helped make this real-world experience much more meaningful.

Jennifer Faenza
Secondary Education and Mathematics '16
Internship: Student Teacher at Auburn High School; Grad School: Master’s degree in Educational Technology at Central Connecticut State University

Assumption has shown me the value of hard work. I learned through student teaching that I will be challenged, but the profession is very rewarding. I feel my experiences here will help me be successful in the future.

Anne Ellis
English '16
Service Experience: Peace Corps Volunteer

Assumption helped me to realize what I want to do. I always knew I wanted to teach, but I discovered I wanted to do more than just teach. That’s why I’m going to spend the next two years in Africa working for the Peace Corps.

Joshua Dutilley
Marketing '16
Internship: Executive Intern at Target; Position: Executive Team Leader at Target

Assumption taught me how to present myself to customers and engage in conversations to help fill their needs. With all of the knowledge passed down from professors here at Assumption, I was able to utilize the things that I have learned in the classroom to my job.

Samantha DeForest
English '16
Internship: Public Affairs Intern at Assumption College; Position: Sales Proposal Writer at Cigna

My internship taught me about many different writing styles, both professionally and journalistically, as well as the importance of networking and developing working relationships. Writing is one of the most valuable skills a student can possess upon beginning the career search, and my internship provided me with ample opportunity to hone those skills and make me more appealing to potential employers.

Nicole Damaschi
Accounting '16
Internship: Accounting Clerk at AdCare Hospital; Position: Audit and Tax Associate at DiCicco, Gulman & Company

Working as an accounting clerk at AdCare Hospital exposed me to the healthcare industry, an area which I may be auditing in the future. I was able to gain a solid understanding of how hospitals work with their patients and insurance companies.

Timothy Carroll
Economics '16
Internship: Data Analyst at McLaughlin Research Corporation; Position: Enterprise Risk Analyst at Santander Bank

My internship at McLaughlin Research Corporation taught me how to effectively analyze large amounts of data. I also strengthened my presentation skills by presenting results and solutions to senior management.