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ACAchieves Spotlights

Assumption students – and alumni – understand the importance of applying classroom knowledge to real-world situations. You’ll find many of our students doing internships and research projects, which aid them in securing jobs and graduate school placements in their senior year. Learn more about the achievements of our students and alumni below.

Samantha Povar
Samantha Povar
Marketing '10
Senior Relationship Manager, LinkedIn

 "The education I received at Assumption has helped shape me into a businesswoman that values the relationships I make with my clients and colleagues. LinkedIn's culture is very similar to Assumption's in that they want their employees to challenge themselves as well as work hard to better your professional and personal lives." 

Christopher Waung
Christopher Waung
Accounting and Economics '17
Internal Audit Intern at The Hanover

As an Internal Audit intern, I assist with manual audit testing, sampling, audit research and reviewing reports. My involvement in athletics, student government and residential life at Assumption helped me refine my leadership, organization and communication skills to succeed in this internship.

Brigitta Steinbacher
Brigitta Steinbacher
Marketing '17
IDI Business Operations Intern at Unum

I’m working on a 10-week long project to provide a fully electronic experience for new customers from offer letters to eBills. I meet with department heads to ask questions and determine the process. After I gather my information, I will present my recommendations to senior executives. 

Mario Pizzieri
Mario Pizzieri
Marketing '18
Internship: Marketing Intern at Mid-State Insurance

At MidState I’ve had the opportunity to assist with Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Instagram campaigns to expand social media exposure. I also utilize HubSpot to maintain inbound marketing campaigns with blogs and content offers. 

Christopher Cuzzupe
Christopher Cuzzupe
Computer Science and Liturgical Music '17
IT Intern for the Infrastructure Technology Organization Group at The Hanover

I am responsible for assisting with projects that involve the Infrastructure Technology Organization at The Hanover. I am working with many different types of databases within the organization, making reports and gathering the necessary requirements to upgrade these databases.

Sarah Morley
Sarah Morley
Chemistry '18
Research Project: Investigating Chemical Reactions using Millifluidic Devices

My internship focuses on using 3D modeling software to design and print milifluidic reaction channels. This internship has taught me that no field is isolated. I'm technically researching physical chemistry, but in the process I'm using math, engineering, physics, and computer science.

Gregory Weiner and Nicole Roy
Gregory Weiner, Ph.D. and Nicole Roy
Political Science
Research Project: Constitutional Conservation and the Courts

"Good scholarship challenges you to learn while teaching and to teach while learning.  That's why I enjoy working with students in research.  They get to participate in the process of discovery, and I get to participate alongside them.  It's both a teaching and a learning experience for both sides, and it's part of what makes an Assumption education unique." - Dr. Gregory Weiner

Alan Harrington
Alan Harrington
Accounting '17
Internship: Audit Intern at Deloitte & Touche LLP

Through my internship I gained insight into both the financial services and commercial industries while working with a variety of clients. I also learned various aspects of the audit practice as well as gained a deeper understanding of legal matters that are intertwined with audits. 

Claudia Palencia
Claudia Palencia
Education and Spanish '17
Internship: Student Teacher at El Instituto San Roman, Argentina

This summer I taught Spanish literature to middle school students in Argentina. I’ve learned how to diversify my lesson plans and grasp the attention and curiosity of students. My mentor here has over 30 years of experience and I’m learning so much from her! 

Robert Benjamin
Biology '17
Internship: Pediatric Epilepsy Clinical Researcher at Boston Children’s Hospital

I’m conducting a research study on rescue medications in pediatric epilepsy in conjunction with a research fellow. Each day I go to the hospital and enroll patients into this clinical trial. I also have the opportunity to shadow world-class neurologists at the clinic and in the ICU.