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Assumption Offers an Academic Vision

Dean Knowlton

March 27, 2014
DEAN ELOISE KNOWLTON, Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Assumption College seeks to challenge, support and enrich each student intellectually, socially and spiritually. Students are encouraged to ask the big questions. What values and beliefs will I embrace? What contributions will I make to this world?

As a Catholic college, Assumption supports students of all faiths in the very serious work of preparing for the various roles and challenges they will face in their lives.

Through core courses, students hone their reading and writing skills, explore interdisciplinary perspectives and deepen their understanding of the Western intellectual tradition. Assumption’s rigorous academics sharpen the tools of reason that will prepare your child with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their chosen career and lead a life of meaning.

Academic Excellence
Assumption’s exceptional faculty are deeply committed to teaching, collaborating and advising. A first-year academic program, The Tagaste Project, helps students with the academic and social transition to college for participating students. In groups of 20, students are paired with two faculty members from different majors to study a particular theme. The course work is coordinated in the fall and spring semesters and students are immersed in classes, co-curricular activities and residence hall life to enliven the learning experience.

Student Engagement
The Academic Support Center, with its peer and professional tutors, helps students enhance study skills and address academic challenges. Student Affairs, with its impressive community of professionals and student leaders, guides and engages students in residence halls, co-curricular activities and across the campus. Our Campus Ministry staff provides opportunities that will deepen the faith of our students or engage in service locally, nationally and internationally.  Our Assumption family helps them along a journey that culminates in the formation of graduates known for critical intelligence, thoughtful citizenship and compassionate service.

Individual Attention
Assumption is large enough to offer our students plenty of choices, and small enough that students receive individual attention.

  • Questions about majors? Department heads gather each spring providing students an opportunity to speak with faculty about the majors and professional opportunities.
  • Does your child want to study abroad? The opening of our Rome campus has enabled participants to take part in a unique, life-changing experience that allows them to broaden their horizons and discover their world. Semester, year-long and short-term programs are also offered that are designed to meet students interests and comfort level.
  • Our membership in the Colleges of Worcester Consortium provides students the opportunity to enroll in courses beyond Assumption’s offerings.
  • Should your child participate in an internship?  Assumption’s Career Development and Internship Center helps students obtain internships to continue to prepare them for their future careers with real-world experience that complements their academic coursework at sites in Worcester and beyond.
  • Additional interests?  Let us know.  Our faculty are generous with their time and expertise, creating Independent Studies to fulfill students’ specialized intellectual desires.

Our strong academic programs are complemented by access to state-of-the-art technology, extensive support services and enhanced recreational facilities.  A caring, communal learning environment nurtures a supportive atmosphere that assists students in reaching their highest potential.  Intramural clubs, organizations and sports build key qualities such as character and leadership. The end result is a student of strong mind, spirit and body.

The College community looks forward to welcoming your child in August as he or she begins this exciting time in their life.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

With all good wishes,

Eloise R. Knowlton, Ph.D.
Dean of Undergraduate Studies

P.S.  Be sure to register for Accepted Students Day which is on Sunday, April 6.  I will be available throughout the afternoon to answer individual questions and provide additional information on the academic program at Assumption College.