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You’ve guided them this far.  We’ll build on that foundation.
At Assumption, we understand and value the time and effort that goes in to guiding and preparing high school students for college.  Assisting with testing strategies, interview preparation, college selection, recommendation letters, essays…the list could go on and on.

In appreciation of the support you provide to your students, we would like to send you the book: Acceptance: A Legendary Guidance Counselor Helps Seven Kids Find the Right Colleges – and Find Themselves. This book was chosen because we believe in its underlying principle – that the college selection process should be about determining the right fit for the student. Would you like a copy?  Request one now.

Assumption’s first-year programs.
At Assumption, your students are provided with opportunities and resources to get them on the right path, right away.

Assumption’s proven first-year programs ensure students are provided the support they require for a successful transition.

  • Career and Lifelong Learning (CALL): Uniquely designed to help students start – and stay – on the right track, the CALL program helps students identify interests, consider academic and career options, and begin to build a portfolio.
  • The Tagaste Project: Tagaste fosters personal growth and development through learning communities of 20 classmates and two professors who study two courses linked together by a single topic. Students share a residence hall, participate in social activities and attend events – creating a unique experiential learning environment where learning stretches beyond the classroom.

Assumption Assurance
Assumption recently introduced Assumption Assurance, a program that blends many elements of a quality education with a pricing policy that provides families with the security of predictable tuition rates. The hallmarks of Assumption Assurance include:

  • An exceptional, classic liberal arts education with professional programs – the very foundation for any successful individual in today’s ever-changing marketplace;
  • A four-year price freeze at the fall 2014-2015 tuition rate for members of the Class of 2018
  • A robust internship program of which nearly 70 percent of 2013 graduates completed before graduating;
  • The option to spend a semester at the College’s new campus in the heart of Rome, Italy.

Assumption’s application deadline was extended to March 1, 2014 to provide students an opportunity to take advantage of this helpful new program.

Learn how Assumption assists families in developing a realistic financial plan for College

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