Sociology, Criminology & Anthropology

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Program Overview

Assumption’s Sociology, Criminology and Anthropology Department’s majors and minor offer to students a broad range of disciplines taught by faculty with extensive experience committed to student success.

Accelerated Double Major: Sociology & Criminology
Assumption College offers a unique accelerated double major program in sociology and criminology to better prepare students for graduate school and careers of meaning. The major is completed in just eighteen courses.

Double majors will graduate with resumes that include a year‐long internship in the criminal justice system, strong writing, data analysis, and oral communication skills, as well as a senior thesis. The accelerated double major also makes it more likely for students to complete the requirements in four years while still maintaining high-level academic Rigor.

Sociology (Major or Minor)
Assumption's sociology program helps students better understand the richness and diversity of social life in an increasingly interconnected, complex, and multicultural world. Through both courses and co-curricular activities, faculty help students learn to thoughtfully consider their world, their society, and themselves.

Criminology (Major)
Criminology is the study of theories that explain why individuals engage in criminal behavior and how the criminal justice system operates. Prepare for a career in law, criminal justice, social work, government service, human resources or business. Become more competitive for graduate school and careers in the profession through a double major in sociology and criminology in just 18 courses.

Anthropology (Minor)
The Sociology, Criminology & Anthropology program contributes to a solid foundation for a wide range of occupations in which knowledge of human behavior, social relationships and institutional practices is important.

Recent graduates of the these programs have begun rewarding career with respected organizations such as Fidelity Investments, law enforcement, Massachusetts Department of Social Services, National Public Radio, UnumProvident, The United Nations, Verizon and more. Learn more about student internships and other outcomes for sociology and criminology majors and anthropology minors.