A Glimpse at What Our Members Are Doing

Peter Bui with his peers Todd Greene and Lauren DeVito investigated the effects of induced empathy on disparaging humor.  He presented his work at the New England Psychological Association (NEPA) conference, and he is currently working with Dr. Kalpidou to develop a manuscript for the Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research based on his findings.

Kathryn Colburn worked for two summers as research assistant and has done several independent studies with Drs. Maria Parmley and Fang Zhang.  She has been deeply involved with two of their research projects. Katelyn has examined the antecedents of serenity helped in developing a protocol for inducing serenity in participants.  Additionally, she helped develop the procedure to assess women’s emotion recognition skills across the menstrual cycle.  Her works has been presented at two national conferences: Association for Psychological Science (APS) and the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP). Katelyn also completed an internship at the Hector Reyes House where she helped clients recovering from substance abuse.

Cathryn Cortesa investigated instructional and task constraints on handwriting performance of kindergarten children.  She helped devise and implement a coding system for letter writing samples and shape drawing samples, analyzed digitized writing samples from a writing tablet, and helped with data entry from teacher surveys, lesson plans, and classroom observations.  Her findings with Dr. Fitzpatrick were presented at the Society of Research in Child Development (SRCD) conference and published in a journal article.

Erin Fitzgerald planned on collecting data during her semester abroad in Tokyo, Japan. The devastating events in that region have forced Erin to return home but she collected online data from Embassy personnel on how they are faring in the ongoing stress, and evaluating whether people with better emotion regulation strategies are faring better than those with poor emotion regulation strategies. She presented her work at the Association for Psychological Science (APS)’s annual conference and her work with Dr. Cavanagh is being published in the journal Emotion.