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Program Overview

Chemistry studies the structure and fundamental principles of matter. At Assumption, you’ll learn about organic, inorganic, physical, analytical chemistry and biochemistry and gain an understanding of the ways in which they interact. The state-of-the-art Testa Science Center provides outstanding laboratory facilities to test the complex and sophisticated scientific theories you discuss in the classroom.

Every summer and throughout the academic year, Assumption chemistry students have opportunities to perform research with Assumption faculty and at renowned research laboratories. Natural sciences graduates have an 85 percent acceptance rate to medical schools, and an 83 percent acceptance rate to other types of graduate medical programs (dentistry and veterinary schools, etc.)


Chemistry majors at Assumption take 12 required science courses and 2 elective science courses, one of which must include a lab. One internship or one independent study counts toward the chemistry elective requirement. Chemistry majors gain extensive laboratory experiences and develop a high degree of proficiency in the practical aspects of experimentation, instrumentation and discovery. Chemistry majors at Assumption are prepared for graduate study in chemistry, biochemistry or other science; employment in the industry, teaching or professional study in medicine, dentistry or other health sciences opportunities.


Students who wish to minor in this take 6 chemistry courses and 2 semesters of calculus.