Course Information

Program Overview

Geography is more than just maps. It’s history, and it’s commerce, it’s culture and its politics, it’s science and it’s sociology. Not just the study of where things are, geography is an examination of why things are. It helps us understand how the course of human society was shaped by physical and societal factors—and how those factors continue to influence us today.

At Assumption College, students who study geography come to understand how physical systems affect everyday life, and how those considerations affect human, and animal life on a grand scale. Introductions to the how the world was formed and the physical features that define it give way to in-depth studies of crucial issues like how land use policy drives expansion and development and how historical geography can determine political realities.

The studies and topics that make up Assumption’s geography minor complement virtually any major by providing a broader context to areas like business, art, history or sociology.

Major OR Minor In Geography

A Geography minor will be approved for a student who successfully completes six (6) courses (18 credits) in geography. These courses normally are a mixture of physical and human geography courses as selected in consultation with the Department. Internships with local firms, social agencies, or government offices are recommended whenever possible as part of a minor program. A major in Geography is available through a petition process and is an excellent preparation for teaching opportunities. See department chair for details.