Series Descriptions

Series 1


This series consists of published and unpublished writings by Paul Chassé.  It includes a collection of his published articles, manuscripts of his publications, and unpublished materials.  There are manuscript books, articles, essays, poetry, and short stories, composed primarily in French.  The bulk of the series consists of unpublished and sometimes undated notes, short stories, memoirs, and public presentations.  The series also contains writings by others, including colleagues and former students.  Of particular note are two unpublished manuscripts of Franco-American poetry collected and partially edited by Chassé.

Series 2

Teaching Files

This series consists of material from Paul Chassé’s teaching career spanning over four decades, primarily at Rhode Island College. Included are student papers, many in French, from courses and seminars on France in North America and Franco-Americans in New England.  There are also files relating to Chassé’s work as Project Coordinator for a French Ethnic Heritage program implemented in 1976, as well materials relating to his interest in bilingual education.

Series 3

Professional Activities and Events

Paul Chassé was involved in many important Franco-American and French-Canadian educational and  cultural  associations such as the Council for the Development of French in New England (CODOFINE), American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), Comité de Vie Franco-Américaine (CVFA), Societé Historique Franco-Américaine (SHFA), and the Union Saint-Jean Baptiste d’Amérique (USJB) This series is divided into records and materials of such organizations both inside and outside of New England, as well as Chassé’s involvement with other professional organizations.

Series 4

Subject Files

This series contains files of clippings, notes, photocopies, and annotated material primarily on Francophone history, culture and migration.  It also contains files on persons of significance in Francophone culture including many of Chassé ‘s Franco-American contemporaries.

Series 5


This series consists of files of personal and professional correspondence from 1942-2002, including with Yves Garon  A.A., Wilfrid Beaulieu, Adolphe Robert, and Gabriel Nadeau. There are also 21 bound volumes of correspondence (1949-2002) and 3 bound volumes of correspondence from Cambodia (1956-1959). The materials in this series are primarily in French. Bound volumes are shelved separately.

Series 6

Personal and Biographical materials

This series consists of a diary (Journal Intime 1963-2006) in 41 bound volumes written in French. It also contains vitas, resumes, datebooks, and articles by or about Chassé in the press, citations, awards, and prizes. Bound volumes are shelved separately.

 Series 7


This series contains photographs of Chassé , including early, family, and travel photos, as well as photographs relating to his professional life. Of particular note are photos which Chassé either took or collected from his trips to Southeast Asia and Africa while on a Fulbright Scholarship from 1956-1959. Many photographs remain unidentified.

Series 8

Audio-Visual Material

This series consists of 37 reels of the professionally produced television Program L’Heure Fauve,produced by the Television Network of  New Hampshire and hosted by Paul Chassé (1969-1970?).  Also included  are  visual recordings of  three Franco-American conferences and other identified media.