The Tsotsis Family Academic Center

With outstanding faculty, students eager to grow academically, spiritually and personally and alumni who have proven themselves as men and women of character and leaders in their fields, Assumption has established itself as a leading academic institution. In order to maintain and advance this tradition of excellence, the College built the Tsotsis Family Academic Center, a new state-of-the-art learning center that  encourages creative thinking, the sharing of ideas and collaboration across a broad spectrum of academic disciplines, reflecting the College’s deep devotion to the liberal arts and the Catholic intellectual tradition.

A generous donation from the building’s namesakes, Michael Tsotsis, a 1971 Assumption graduate, and his wife, Dorothy, has helped make this new beginning possible. Tsotsis, a former member of the College’s Board of Trustees, and a former chair of the Board’s Institutional Advancement Committee, is proud to aid future generations of Assumption students in realizing their aspirations and living lives of meaning.

"Assumption College provided me with a firm foundation from which Dot and I raised a special family and built a successful business,” Tsotsis notes.  “The College’s new academic building will serve as a focal point of learning on campus where students will be challenged and inspired. As an Assumption graduate, I have tried to leave a positive impact on my alma mater, whether through volunteering or encouraging other Alumni to also be supportive of Assumption. Dot and I feel privileged to leave a tangible mark in the history of the College and that our name – our passion for Assumption- will live on through this building.”

In this new 62,000 square-foot building, the enduring ideas of the Western liberal arts tradition will intersect with contemporary theories and practices and a love of the performing arts. As the signature building on campus, it will integrate academic disciplines such as business studies with the humanities, demonstrating the College’s commitment to educating the whole person.

Targeted for completion in fall 2017, the Tsotsis Family Academic Center will embody Assumption’s belief that our graduates should do more than prepare for a successful career, they must be prepared to lead a good life of compassion and understanding; one that can fully process, and delight in, the richness of the world. It will serve as a tangible example of the education one receives at Assumption College: an education that lights the way.

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