11th Annual Business Ethics Lecture: Ethics and Politics in India and China

The dramatic growth and recent economic slowdown in both China and India have had huge ramifications for diplomacy, the global economy and environmental sustainability. Dr. William J. Antholis, Ph.D., managing director of The Brookings Institution and a former White House climate change official, will explain how local factors in these two influential Asian countries are shaping the global future.

The lecture, which will be presented on April 22 at 5 p.m., is based on research Antholis conducted for his book Inside Out India and China: Local Politics Go Global. He spent five months in India and China, travelling to more than 20 states and provinces in both countries, exploring the enormous diversity in business, governance and culture of these nations.

Climate change, international trade, global poverty and nuclear energy are key issues of our time and topics of frequent and polarizing debate in Washington, D.C. and in academia. As such, the Assumption College MBA Program and Department of Business Studies are pleased to provide this opportunity for the community to hear an expert on the ethical underpinnings of global diplomacy discuss topics as wide-ranging as environmental sustainability, nuclear energy, nuclear weapons and income inequality.