History Honor Society Lecture

Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 17:30

Richard L. Bushman, Ph.D., Gouverneur Morris Professor of History emeritus at Columbia University and current Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence at the American Antiquarian Society, will deliver a lecture at the induction ceremony for the Assumption College chapter of Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society on Thursday, April 16, at 5:30 p.m. The lecture, which is free and open to the public, will be held in Assumption’s La Maison Française Salon, at 500 Salisbury St.

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Looking for Artists in the Middle Ages: Craft and Skill in a Pre-Modern World

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 - 16:30

Presented by Heidi Gearhart, PhD, Assistant Professor of Art History.

The Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS) Program at Assumption College Invites you to the Fourth Annual MEMS Faculty Lecture

Few artists are known from the Middle Ages, and one often assumes the medieval artist to be a humble craftsman. But was this really the case? Were there no artists at all, or if there were, were they merely servants of their patrons?

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Heidi Gearhart

CTE Lecture by Dan Chambliss, co-author of How College Works

Tuesday, March 31, 2015 - 19:00

The main event for the CTE’s (Center for Teaching Excellence) 2014-2015 Faculty Learning Community, and our second annual Innovations in Higher Education Lecture, will be a talk by Daniel Chambliss, professor of sociology at Hamilton College and one of the co-authors of How College Works.

Contact Person: 
Jim Lang

Teaching and Practicing Art by Scott Foster

Thursday, March 19, 2015 - 17:00

Scott Nelson Foster, M.F.A. will deliver a lecture elucidating his experiences teaching and practicing art within the liberal arts.  An avid experimenter, Scott uses both ancient and contemporary materials to create nuanced images of the suburban and urban landscape, which he has exhibited in solo and juried shows across the country.  Prof.

Brian Kelly: “War’s Unintended Consequences: Confederate Mobilization and the Disintegration of Slavery in Civil War South Carolina”

Thursday, October 30, 2014 - 16:00

“South Carolina stood at the forefront of agitation for secession in the runup to Civil War. After the initiation of military hostilities in Charleson harbor, its most prominent citizens professed that their slaves were loyal and insisted that they would face no challenge from the state’s black majority.

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Irina Mukhina
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Sally Campbell Galman, PhD: When “Brave” is a dress: Preschoolers, power, gender and play.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014 - 18:30

The children's media enterprise has come a long way since Cinderella, as characters ranging from ice princesses to boy pirates grapple with the slippery contours of gender normativity. But how do children make sense of their newly configured, even empowered, heroes and heroines? How do they work out discordant role models in their pretend play and dress-up adventures?

What is the new gender order among the youngest children? Why should it matter to college students?

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Dona Kercher
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Emily Silverman “Edith Stein and Regina Jonas: Religious Visionaries in the Time of the Death Camps”

Monday, October 20, 2014 - 19:00

Emily’s ground-breaking book examines the lives of two extraordinary, religious women. Both Edith Stein and Regina Jonas were German Jewish women who demonstrated 'deviant' religious desires as they pursued their spiritual paths to serve their communities during the Holocaust.

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Dona Kercher
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China Town Hall

Thursday, October 16, 2014 - 18:30

Assumption College Joins President Jimmy Carter for Live Program on China

Assumption College will host the annual “CHINA Town Hall: Local Connections, National Reflections” webcast and talk on Thursday, Oct. 16 at 6:30 p.m. in Kennedy Memorial Hall, Room 112. The free event is open to the public.

Contact Person: 
Visiting Assistant Professor Eric Drouart, MBA Program director
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