Affiliate Institutions

The Assumption Rome Campus welcomes students from other colleges and universities. Currently, three colleges have formally entered into affiliation agreements, enabling their students privileged access to the resources of the Assumption Rome Campus, including direct credit for courses taken in Rome:

Other Institutions

The Assumption Rome Campus is open to all sophomores, juniors and seniors at other colleges and universities, but only 20 spaces are available each semester. Acceptance into the program is based on qualifications. Students interested in applying must make an appointment with Assumption's Dean of Undergraduate Studies to discuss eligibility and learn more about the program.

For inquiries about affiliation and access from other institutions, contact:

Eloise Knowlton
Director of Study Abroad

Assumption College

500 Salisbury Street

Worcester, MA 01609


The Rome Experience

  • Jenna Warren '14
    Participant Fall 2013

    "By far my favorite part about taking classes in Rome is the out-of-classroom experience. Not only are we learning about the incredible amount of history that Rome has to offer but we're witnessing it firsthand. I have really been able to blossom as a student."

  • Joelle DiDomenico ’14
    Participant Spring 2013

    “I would highly recommend going to the Rome campus. It is an experience of a lifetime. I learned so many things about myself while abroad . I am a completely different person now."

  • Tracy Baldelli ’15
    Participant Spring 2013

    “I would most definitely recommend this to others. One of the main reasons why I chose Assumption was for the community feeling that it offers. This community component flourishes at the Rome Campus because it is such a small unique program that not many universities offer."

  • Jessica Reimers ’14
    Participant Spring 2013

    “The Rome campus wasn't just a study abroad. It was a home where I lived with family. The atmosphere blended the students, the professors, our cook, and the countless others who we saw everyday, because like our extended family, they made our experience ten times better."