Psychology majors who were employed or in grad school within six months of graduation

Fang Zhang

Dr. Zhang’s broad research interests include the cognitive, motivational, and emotional foundations of personality. Specifically, her research focuses on four areas: 1) personality and self development across the life span, 2) adult attachment and interpersonal dynamics, 3) sending, decoding, and co-regulation of emotions in interpersonal relationships, 4) cross-cultural comparison of person perception and implicit theories of personality. Dr. Zhang is a social and personality psychologist.

Arlene Vadum

Dr. Vadum’s scholarly writings include two texts currently used at the college, one on research methods in psychology, and the other on anthology on images of women in popular culture. Her current research interests focus on interpersonal communication and performative psychology.  Dr. Vadum is a social psychologist.

Peter Toscano

Dr. Toscano’s clinical and research interests include adoption issues in children and adolescents, child maltreatment, and developmental psychopathology. He is a clinical psychologist and Coordinator of the Counseling Psychology Program’s Practicum and Internship Program and the Concentration in Child and Family Interventions.

Maria Parmley

Dr. Parmley’s recent research interests have included how adults and children interpret the social cues of others, children’s interpretation of a peer’s emotion, and how gender stereotypes and the ambiguity of an emotion might influence the perception of an emotional message. Currently Dr. Parmley is investigating the perception of emotions in relationships varying in intimacy. Dr. Parmley is a social psychologist.


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