Worcester Regional Research Bureau and Assumption College Announce Collaboration

The Worcester Regional Research Bureau and Assumption College announced that the two organizations will collaborate on projects that will advance the missions of both institutions and the well-being of the Greater Worcester community. To facilitate this collaboration, The Research Bureau will move at the end of December to the Assumption campus at 500 Salisbury St.

By relocating, The Research Bureau and Assumption can increase their cooperative links on research and programs, while maintaining their independent structures. They intend to develop efficiencies with their respective resources, and their staffs plan on working together to develop programs of mutual interest and benefit. The opportunities for collaboration include development of an internship program and a research agenda related to public policy issues in Central Massachusetts, joint sponsorship of lectures and forums, and joint application for foundation grants.

Michael Mulrain, CFO of Polar Beverages and chair of The Research Bureau Board of Directors explained that the arrangement between the two institutions has been planned and developed over the past two years.

“I am very encouraged by the enthusiastic reception with which this new collaboration has been received by the boards of The Research Bureau and Assumption College,” he said. “I am pleased to serve as chairman of The Research Bureau as it transitions to a new and exciting phase of its work in providing solid, independent research in the public interest.”

Added Assumption College President Francesco C. Cesareo: “As a Catholic liberal arts college, Assumption is committed to the development of knowledge that will improve the human condition. The Research Bureau’s mission aligns with that philosophy and our students and faculty will have the opportunity to be active participants in the research process.”

“The Research Bureau staff is excited about entering into a relationship with Assumption College that will enable us to broaden the scope of our public policy research and enhance our expertise by collaborating with Assumption College faculty and students,” said Bureau President Roberta R. Schaefer. “It is an opportunity to build on the strengths, interests, and reputation for excellence of both institutions.”

Frederick Bayon, DMD, chair of the Assumption College Board of Trustees, noted that the school’s affiliation with The Research Bureau will benefit students as well as the Greater Worcester area.

“Assumption College is an integral part of the fabric of Worcester, and we are happy to partner with The Research Bureau to improve our community.”

About The Research Bureau
The Worcester Regional Research Bureau is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that conducts independent research about public policy issues of concern to the greater Worcester region. Our research reports are intended to promote informed public debate and decision-making by citizens and public officials. For more information about The Research Bureau, visit http://www.wrrb.org/.

Kimberly Dunbar, Director of Public Affairs, Assumption College
ke.dunbar@assumption.edu @AssumptionNews